Well, hello Darlings! How are you? Don’t worry you’re not the only one who has become cocooned into the depths of your bed, hoping that the chances of snow making yet another unexpected appearance would be near to none. Although the snow has come with it’s ‘few’ advantages, including the chance for some beautiful, simplistic looking pictures, that I’ve most definitely used to my advantage. Seeing my pictures were slowly becoming dark and gloomy. Another advantage would also be that I’ve stolen my sisters room for a few of my photo sessions whilst she’s currently at University, seeing her lighting is a lot better than mine. Shh!

One of those photo sessions included taking a few too many pictures of my brand new purchase from a heavenly and welcoming brand known by the name BOM. Or in other words, Boutique Of Molly, for those people who are looking at the screen with a face of complete an utter confusion. This brand has placed a bright, glowing halo on the world of fashion, with the aim to bring you the latest celebrity inspired trends straight to your screen. Along with sharing these creations at an affordable price! What more could you wish for in life? Ok, ok theres a lot of arguments that can be made there, but if you’re somebody like me who has a uncontrollable obsession with purchasing bags, then there isn’t much that is better.

After hours of day dreaming over the endless amounts of designs showcased throughout the site, I knew I had to pluck up the courage, whip out my bank card and make a very, very necessary purchase! Trust me, my other bags were beginning to get lonely, and needed another neighbour in their ‘lives’. Although the choice was hard, and I found myself going back and forth like a complete shopaholic, eventually I finally made up my mind on a type of bag and decided on the Manhattan bag. As most of us know, certain brands have continuously tried to remake certain iconic products, however their results have been nothing but a complete and utter failure. Tired stitching, worn colours and broken zips are just a few reasons why some brands just can’t live up to the recognisable brands expectations. However, for Boutique of Molly this is not the case, as they have proved that it is possible to create bags at an affordable price whilst still looking like a million pounds! The bag I chose comes close to the look of Loui Vuitton’s symbolic NeverFull MM tote. Perfect for my tendency’s of packing incase of the odd chance that I may find myself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and the use of a billion and one poppy bins could be life saving! Bad excuse? Ahh.. we’ll just go along with it anyway! Looking into the depths of the bag, there are two zip pockets on the left side and two smaller pockets on the right. Perfect for those endless necessities a human being must have in their life. I like to have my phone at emergency reaching distance, just incase I do find myself face to face with a zombie and a selfie is definitely my priority!

Right, enough babbling let’s just dive on inside and take a glimpse at what I’ve been hoarding within my new purchase these past few weeks.

My phone + Charging phone case! ~ A must have for those days when I find living amongst other human beings along with socialising to be nothing but tiresome and irritating. Yes, I’m late to the game and still own a iPhone 5s, but she’s my baby and I love her! So, don’t judge.

Notebook! ~ This is essential for that time when you need to write down a good looking person’s number, In hopes of a reply back. When in fact, ten months later you still sit hoping they will remember about your existence in this world. (Just me!?) This notebook in particular was brought from the shop Wilko’s. It even has my initial on… eek!

Pen! ~  Pretty explanatory.

Sunglasses! ~ These have been loved by many of you, especially in my last ‘What’s in my bag?’ post. I wouldn’t usually go towards this type of design, however I instantly fell in love with how they hide my face on days I look older than my time. Curse you sleepless nights!

Purse! ~ When I purchased my first ever designer handbag, way back when. I came across this purse from Nica, and at first sight fell in love! It holds everything and anything whilst still managing to maintain a fixed structure.

Earmuffs! ~ Perfect for those winter days, and they’re super stylish as well!

Little bag with the essentials inside! ~ Now, we all need that little pouch that contains the little nicknacks we just might need one day! Inside my little bag I have some hair bands, bobby pins, a lip balm, a pack of ibuprofen and hay-fever tablets along with blotting sheets for those unattractive, sweaty moments!  Lets not forget space for the time of the month requirements.

Keys! ~ Remember I showed you my overwhelming amount of keyring attached to my keys? Yep, they’re still there! Each holds large sentimental value to my heart, and I’ll treasure them forever! Whilst making myself look like a complete weirdo as I’m a walking jingle machine. Oops..

Hand cream! ~ What I’m going to say next, may cause a lot of people to faint in disgust, and close their tabs on this post… I don’t like Zoella. Don’t get me wrong, she has proved women can make something in their life, and build an empire bigger than many. But I have my reasons, for her being one of my least admired people. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that she has created some lovely products throughout the years. One being her Winter Wonder hand cream. Changing seasons I find my hands tend to become dry and irritated so I try everything I can to ensure they remain smooth and moisturised throughout those challenging months. Hand creams seem to be the best way!

This isn’t counting certain items that may find their way into the cave throughout the day. Umbrellas, scarfs, perfumes etc etc!

Although every single item shared in today post has been brought at my request and with my own money, I have in fact partnered up with Boutique of Molly themselves to offer you Darlings an amazing place to get some beautiful items. Not feeling like a bag is something on your list of needs? Don’t fret as they also sale clothes, purses and many more admiring creations. Use my code EMILYS20 for 20% Off your first order!

Don’t forget to share with me your ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts down below, as I’m always eager to be nosey at what people carry around with them on an everyday basis. Aren’t we all?

Bye lovelies! xo

6 thoughts on “What’s In My ‘Manhattan’ Bag 2018? .. Featuring Boutique Of Molly ~ 01/04/18”

    1. Thankyou so much!
      Quite frankly, every day is a new surprise as to what contents my bag holds but that was what it had inside that day🙂😘

    1. Thankyou! I’m the opposite, I have tried the Zoella one but not the Soap And Glory one! Definitely need to try them out.
      Will check out your blog Darling, looks amazing!😘

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