When people ask me what I keep inside my bag on a daily basis, they usually leave with a face full of horror after seeing how much my poor bag has to withstand. Most of which is completely useless to a normal individual. However to me everything has a purpose. A unrealistic purpose that may be, but I know you guys don’t judge around here! We just won’t mention the numerous beach shells that are pointlessly lying in the bottom and have been for a few months now.

If you know me you will know I have a somewhat over the top obsession for bags. Take me into a shop with the slightest hint of one and I guarantee you will not see or hear from me again, unless I leave owning one, or maybe two. For a few years I would always be sucked into buying Primark versions, only to be left with just a handle and the actual compartments dangling off into oblivion a few weeks later. Don’t get me wrong they’re great, but just not for someone who packs everything apart from the kitchen sink which unfortunately, is me. When this began to happen quite frequently I knew it was about time to venture into the designer world. The first purchase I made was my ever so loved Pierre Cardin bag which, I still gravitate towards on a frequent basis. Recently I had the urge to splurge on the Catherine Malandrino Devon Satchel in blush, and I can happily announce I went with that urge and brought it home with me a few days later and have been loving it ever since! Let’s take a look inside the over-stuffed jungle shall we?

Sunglasses ~ As we know the weather we’re recently witnessing is definitely not sunglasses appropriate, but if you’re from England you know that the sun has a tendency to show up when least expected. So, having a pair on you just incase is always handy! Especially when you’re having a no makeup day and need something to cover up the evidence of a sleepless night.

Chewing Gum ~ Although I’m not one to love the taste of chewing gum, I know a lot of people do and so it’s always handy to have some on hand just incase. And you never know when you’ve been roped into eating at a restaurant and leaving with an overwhelming smell of garlic just isn’t your kind of ok.

Medical pouch ~ Remember I said that I pack for literally every situation? this little pouch proves just that! Inside I have crammed in, a overwhelming amount of plasters, a lighter, some lip balm, a few hair bands, small scissors, surgical tape, bandages, hay fever and pain relief tablets, and some spot gel. Yes, I know you’re wondering how on earth I managed to get all of that in such a small space.

Keys ~ Am I the only one who is completely obsessed with key rings? although it does become quite busy and loud at times, it always makes me filled with happiness when I see all the beautiful colours. My two favourite ones at the moment Is the angel and the black dream catcher!

Sprays ~ I’m not saying I need all these in my bag, but it’s always great to have a different variety of sprays and perfumes on hand just incase you’re running late and cannot spare the time to grab your big bottle off of the vanity. Anything fruit scented you’ve got me hooked!

Hairbrush ~ Pretty self explanatory, right?

Purse ~ When I first purchased the Pierre Cardin bag, I was lucky enough to find this beautiful NICA purse which I instantly fell head over hills with. The colour is absolutely breath taking, and I always feel extra special when I pull it out before paying at the till. 

Plug/Phone charger ~ Although I do not have my phone charger in my bag 24/7, I always have my plug in there just incase I need to quickly rush out the door. Just grab my lead and I’m sorted!

Notebook and pen ~ Last but not least I completely forgot to add these into the picture, however I do like to have my notebook and a few pens just incase I suddenly have a blog idea and need to quickly jot down the thought before my mind completely erases. It has a tendency to do that! The notebook I’ve been loving is from Primark.

Although I’ve completely loved creating this blog post for you, unfortunately it’s come to the end. I hope you’ve all had fun seeing what I keep inside my bag daily, minus the hundreds of unnecessary wrappers and receipts, but we won’t mention them. Let me know down below what you keep inside your bag I would love to know! And maybe get some ideas for future organisation days. Thank you for stopping by lovelies, I’ll see you in October when I’ll be back writing weekly posts for you!


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