It came to no surprise when I heard that we are witnessing the biggest heatwave in decades across the UK. After all, I have been melting like a Popsicle that has been left out of the freezer for far too long. Not only am I melting at the first sign of heat, I’m also not bothering to wear any makeup even if I am taking the rare venture outside of my house. It’s just proved pointless, especially when I come back inside and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Think of Chucky mixed with the clown from IT. Yes, you’re right… not a pretty sight! As mentioned in previous posts, you may be aware that my skin type is not so normal, I’m pretty much built up of every one imaginable. This makes finding makeup to wear on these hot days, near impossible. It’ll either result in a greasy mess, or simply won’t last five seconds before I’m seeing mascara on my nose, eyeshadow on my mouth and foundation just not even on my face. However, one product that lasts for a longer period of time is lipstick. Obviously we’re all different when it comes to choosing what kinds of colours suit our skin tones and personality’s. Some associate Summer with Vibrant Reds and extravagant Oranges, whereas some like to stick with the subtle nude, and instead work their magic when it comes to colours on the eyes. Personally I am one of those who belong in the nude group, (That could be taken way out of context, so I’d like to quickly mention we’re still talking about lipsticks if you were one of those humans who giggled at that sentence, naughty!) I find that due to having bipolar eyes, one minute they’re green and then five minutes later they decide to be blue, nude colours work best for me. I don’t like to cram too much colour onto the face because then the whole look just ends up being too overwhelming for anyone. This is especially the case when choosing what lipsticks to wear, which is why you’ll usually find me wearing light shades. Today’s post is hopefully going to help anyone who is the feeling the same struggle as myself when it comes to choosing the best nude colours for Summer! I’ll be sharing my top favourite ones that I have found over the past months, and sharing the secret wonders behind the packaging.

Let’s begin with Freedom’s very own Pro Melts. The one in particular that I want to give it’s very own spotlight, is in the shade ‘Up’. Hmm, very strange name but I promise the colour is what makes It more promising! If you’re looking for a more rich toned nude that holds a bit more of a Pinky tone, then this is the one for you. As for all Freedom lipsticks, I find they are a bit more sticky when it comes to application, however with the Pro Melts you should find after a few wears they begin to lighten up and you don’t even notice they’re on your lips throughout the day. The wand is tapered towards the end which results in you having a better chance of achieving a perfect line around the lips. Even for those beginners out there! If you’re not so keen on the lipstick above, then maybe the next one will catch your attention. Especially if you’re one for a soft, matte texture. Although I haven’t mentioned this brand for a while, they always seem to hold a place in my heart, mainly down to the way their products are designed to have a flawless result. Which I have found to be the case throughout the years. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the ever so loved Nyx with their soft matte lip cream in the shade Istanbul. Although it is not completely matte,  they are more smooth than others I have tried in the past, and don’t hold a glossy look even when you’ve drank or eaten in the hours of applying. Plus they have a really nice scent to them, if you’re like me – this is a huge bonus! After doing a bit of research, I found that MUA is known to be one of the leading brands when it comes to selling lipsticks in all shades! So when the time came to look for a new nude colour, It was inevitable they’d be on my radar. In fact, I remember this was the first ever lipstick I’d brought, and it still never seems to let me down. The only thing I’d say to be cautious about when purchasing, is that it does come out a bit more vibrant than the colour indicated through the tube. However, I definitely still count it as a nude shade, just with the extra hint of dazzle! Last but not least, I’m sticking to the MUA pathway by sharing with you their lipstick in the shade Juicy. Not only is this formula the easiest to apply, it also lasts all day. I have to admit it is a bit rough when you use it for the first time. However,this isn’t uncommon and I usually find this to happen with most lipsticks. Just think of a Ferrero Rocher, you need to get past the first bit in order to reach the crowned beauty! After that though, I have never had any difficulties or upsets when it comes to the application and overall look of this product. 

I have tons more lipsticks that I wear for all seasons, so be sure to let me know if you want to see me share anymore! Also, what’s your favourite colour to wear in Summer and why? I’d love to know.

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