img_4522After seeing that you guys absolutely loved my recent Revolution palette review, I decided today was the day to do another one. And perfect timing because a couple of days ago I took the plunge, swallowed my fear and purchased the beautiful palette by Urban Decay called Electric. I was first introduced to Urban Decay by the wonderful Kat Von D after her number of numerous collaborations with the brand. The range blew everyone’s socks and eyelashes off so I knew the other products that Urban Decay had to offer would be just as amazing.

Let’s start with the reasoning behind the purchase. After recently diving into more expensive and luxurious brands I knew it was time that Urban Decay made an appearance into my makeup collection, however I didn’t know what to purchase. The choices were endless, from their foundations to the vibrant eye shadows and even lipsticks. Which I must point out are beautiful! It was a decision so hard I’d been deciding for months. (That’s a girl for you!) Tuesday 14th February 2017 was the day I braved it. That day I travelled to Debenhams, purchased this palette and didn’t let it leave my hands for what must’ve been a good couple of hours. 

The good thing that I noticed straight away when opening the product was that there are a variety of matte and shimmer shades. All hugely pigmented! I know myself and a lot of other people enjoy the matte shades more, just because their better at defining and bringing more colour to the eye. My favourites are Chaos, Slow burn, Gonzo and Fringe. Although this palette isn’t pleasing to everyone’s eye I definitely think if you’re brave enough and enjoy the odd pop of colour this is perfect for you! And also perfect if you’re willing to spend the money, £38.00 for an older child’s dress up makeup. (Bad idea… yep!) If you’re at all worried about if the pigments will stay on all day. Then no more worrying because this will last every hour you have it on. Every shade in the palette features pigment infusion system that gives velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability I would actually describe it along the lines as waterproof due to the long long lastiness of the shadows. However, when it’s time to take them off with a bit of makeup remover it’s a goner!

And that’s it my review is at an end. I really hope you enjoyed it! Let me know down below what’s your most expensive and cheapest palette you own in your collection right now? I hope you have an amazing day or night!


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