As we all know, Poundland is notorious for their hit or miss products. Sometimes they work, and other times they just make us wonder why on earth people would set foot into the shop in the first place. One thing in particular that seems to spark a lot of controversy around the UK, Is their very own line of makeup. Makeup Gallery came to life back in 2014, and was created to help sale the everyday makeup essentials to people who may be on a very strict budget. It’s a pretty cool concept, however due to the cheap production cost of the items, I’ve always wondered are they actually worth it? To put that wonder to the test I decided to make my way out into the crowds of my local town, head into the nearest Poundland and pick myself up some of their Makeup Gallery items. Heres what I thought! 

Define & Conquer Contour Kit ~ Light 1

I’m one of those people who can become completely obsessed with applying bronzer in a matter of seconds. Either to add shape and definition to my face, or simply to just bronze up the areas that I know will be caught by sunlight throughout the day. Currently my favourite kits are from Revolution and Sleek, however that doesn’t mean I can’t try cheaper alternatives. Like this little kit, that contains two small pans. One is a cream highlight, and the other is a powdered bronzer. When I swatched the cream formula, it was very moisturising on the fingertip but once I applied it to the face it seemed to sit within my creases. If you’re familiar with makeup, then you know this is a pain and can ruin the whole of your makeup look in a split second, especially if you don’t have any powder to set the product with. Despite this flaw, I can say that the bronzer worked wonders for me! Yes, the size is a pain, even more so when you’re using a big brush; but the colour is perfect. It’s not too dark, and not too light, which makes it really easy to not go over the top. I wore both formulas throughout the day, and found them to last quite a while. I did find the cream highlight to separate a little bit by the second/third hour of wear, but it didn’t effect the rest of the look too much, which is great! 

Do The Duo Eyeshadows ~ Nutmeg 2

This little duo is a blend of super soft pigments, containing Vitamin E and crease resistant for a longer lasting wear. Does it actually prevent crease troubles occurring? Yes, to a certain extent it does. Of course I wasn’t expecting much when I got my hands on these eyeshadows. They are only one pound at the end of the day, so I wasn’t expecting them to be the same coverage,pigmentation and durability of a shadow from somewhere like Charlotte Tilbury or Urban Decay. However, this is a really good on the go set of eyeshadows. The lighter one is perfect for highlighting the brow bone or having as a base before applying darker colours on top. Along with the darker shade with is a good colour for applying through the crease or taking out to the brow. Don’t expect them to last all day without seeing any wear and tear, because I don’t think they were specifically designed for hard going days. Simply just if you’re needing to look a little bit more awakened, without needing to pull out your more expensive items!

Shine On Lipgloss ~ Cherry Pop

Last but not least I managed to get my hands on this lip gloss in the shade Cherry Pop. What a pop this colour is indeed! When I first applied it onto my lips, I was a bit skeptical and was having visions of it spreading across my face throughout the day, especially If it were to be a windy day. However, my thoughts were straight away put to rest once I had It on. It’s not perfect, and I’m not going to shout it out of my window for all to go out and purchase it, right now. Because quite frankly it’s not that good, but it works. It has the right amount of moisture to make sure your lips don’t dry out throughout the day, the flocked wand allows application to be quick and mess free and  the colour is not too dark or too light! One thing I will mention is the fact that it is very glossy, so if you’re not one who enjoys the feeling of that on your lips, then I would definitely stay away from this and instead go towards their lipsticks. Which are also very moisturising and beautifully pigmented! Overall, Poundland is slowly producing some useful makeup items! They are by no means perfect, but I think that is to be expected when we look at how much they cost. Despite this, if you’re really struggling for money, or simply cannot wear things from other brands; then this is a perfect option for you! Don’t feel as if you have to stick by society’s preferred high end purchases, instead go out and feel comfortable with whatever you decide to wear. No matter if they’re £1 or £50, what matters is that you enjoy wearing them and you enjoy the coverage they give to you! I hope this little post sharing some of their everyday essentials, helped you to understand a whole new world out there in the makeup industry. Let me know if you enjoy any of these, or try something else! Until next time lovelies, bye! xo

14 thoughts on “Trying Out Poundland Makeup Products 2018! ~ 21/05/18”

  1. I love the way you write, I definitely agree with you that the pigmentation is for what you get for the price, But honestly doesn’t look all that bad!!! I’m more of a lipstick than a lip gloss kind of girl but I love that color. 🙂

  2. Definitely! The cheaper brands are definitely worth a try because you can really find some gems if you’re happy to hunt around a little. The packaging actually looks pretty good as well, whilst it’s nice having beautiful fancy packaging on your products… there’s a time and a place for an eyeshadow duo that you can just chuck in your makeup bag! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Darling! Oh yes, cheaper brands are definitely worth trying out, you can find some really beautiful products if you’re patient to look hard enough. I hope you’re able to find some goodies in the future! Have an amazing day!!😘 xo

    1. Urgh, I wish all of our skins accepted different types of makeup products, it can get so annoying! I definitely understand your pain when it comes to having dry skin. You’re beautiful by the way! Hope you find something that works out for you😘 xo

  3. I prefer make-up items with a little bit more pigmentation. But indeed, what you say: You get what you pay for! Reeally nice post, sweety <3.

  4. I’ve bought some Poundland makeup items when I was in England several years ago and honestly wasn’t really impressed (though I wasn’t experienced with makeup at that time and everything seemed fine to me) . Seems like they do improve their quality. Loved your post xx

    1. Thankyou so much Darling! I hope they work out for you if you ever try them again in the near future! Thankyou for the support, you rock!😘xoxo

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