It’s not easy looking into the mirror, only to have your very own reflection looking right back at you. The reflection that you’ve possibly grown to hate and every time you’re reminded of it, the outcome can be damaging to ones confidence. It can become frustrating when your features are hidden behind the glass and no matter how much you wipe the screen, they’re impossible to be unseen. After using a mirror that I brought from a random seller at a nearby boot sell for about two years now, I have come to find it makes my face appear lighter than it actually is. So, as one would I’d go ahead and apply more makeup than necessary just to bring out more colour in my skin. However, what I didn’t realise was I didn’t need as much as I was applying in the first place. This began to bring my confidence down to rock bottom, because people would constantly point out how I looked close enough to that of an orange. Yes, an actual orange! Months passed, and I found myself not bothering to go through the whole ordeal of applying makeup and instead I’d just leave the house bare faced. Solely down to the fact that I was scared this mirror was going to continue to leave me looking like a complete different person, than I was aiming to be.

The hope of being able to find a perfect mirror that didn’t damage my confidence every time I looked into it, was running thin and I just knew there was a big possibility I’d have to stick with my old, orange toned one that was simply no good for my specific skin type. However not long ago to my amazement I was met with a new mirror that might just be what I was looking for all of those dreaded months! Guess what? It was White! Not Orange, Yellow or even rainbow. It was simply white and perfect for focusing on being able to actually apply the correct coloured products to my skin.  Once upon a time one of Philex’s sub brands, Tristar, produced the LED makeup mirror. Designed to be used for shaving, applying makeup, those quick checks before the big date, placing in the centre of your vanity and so much more.. meant it has become a must have in so many people’s lives, including mine! 

My First Impressions!

When I first received the package, I was surprised I didn’t throw my old mirror out the window into a strangers garden, over the pure desperation of setting my new one up. Everything arrived in a perfectly secure box, that was very pleasing to the eye! Can we just look at that beautiful pink colour?! On the front of the box is a clear picture of how the mirror looks after being successfully set up. Along with some of the qualities that is offered, for example a soft touch dimmer sensor, the 180° viewing angle, 22 adjustable LED’s and the option of either being battery or USB powered! That’s not counting the other added features that lie within the inside. Once I got into the box, I was met with the other contents that were going to make life so much easier once I began using the mirror. This included the 1X Tri-Fold LED mirror, 1x 10x magnifier and the 1x Micro USB cable! But wait a minute that’s not all, what makes everything even more mind blowing is the hidden fact of having a storage tray at the base the standing vanity piece. Perfect for all of my junk that I’m going to have snuggled up on there, for all to see! (Insert sarcasm here) 

Whats good & What could be better?

After using this product for just under a week, daily. I have come to find so many great things about the overall result. Firstly, due to having very weak eyes, especially my left I find it very hard to be able to see close enough to have full control over what I’m doing. Having the magnified options has meant that I don’t have to strain and cause pain to myself just for the sake of creating what could be just an average makeup look. Beauty is definitely not always worth the pain! I’m able to concentrate on one eye at a time, without being put off by the rest of my face, and this is down to the small zoomed in pieces of mirror on the wings of the main one. Secondly, the ability to turn off and on the lights when I feel like it, is a wonderful idea! If I am just wanting the mirror without the 21 LED lights, I have the option of keeping them turned off. That is until I can decide to delicately touch the sensor to turn on the brightness and begin having the light of 100 angels shine right in front of me! Last but not least, just one of the many perks of this mirror is how easy it is to just pack up, and store away if you’re not wanting it to be out on show. Just remove the stand, make sure the light is switched off and gently close the wings! Thats it, no more unplugging annoying outlets and lifting around very heavy stands, it’s now as easy as one, two, three!

Overall, I find it very hard to think of any criticisms about this mirror. That is simply because it has been a huge life saviour since not having to use my old one that caused so much frustration. However, if I were forced to think of at least one negative that I found since using, it would probably have to be about the colour and how it is so white I saw a lot of marks on the plastic, just seconds into handling. My hands were just washed as well, so there shouldn’t have been enough dirt to cause that much on the mirror. Especially having this mirror on show most of the time, I’d prefer it to be seen without my finger prints on material that shouldn’t even be showing marks like that. Maybe I’m just being picky, but everything else is honestly worth every penny!

To conclude this review, I’m going to say that by having been given this opportunity to review such an incredible product has meant I’m now able to hopefully get back into creating new and improved makeup looks, for myself and my viewers to see in the future! If you would like to try this mirror out for yourself, then go ahead and check out the link. If you do purchase it, or have then let me know down below what your thoughts and opinions were and if you too felt the same, or completely different. I’d love to know! A big thank you again to Philex for providing me with these recent products to share with my audience, because I most definitely am in love! Have I said that already?! Until next time lovelies, bye for now xo

– Tristar LED Vanity Mirror –

11 thoughts on “Tristar LED Vanity Mirror Review 2018! ~ 14/05/18”

  1. This truly sounds like a great product! I use a simple vanity mirror without the magnifying option. That really does sound great, though. For those details, you know. The fact that you found it hard to think of critic for this mirror sounds even better! That means you were truly satisfied with the product. Great review and really well written!

    1. It honestly is incredible, and I’m not just saying that for the sake of it. I actually decided to do a bit of a more extreme look today, and the magnifying parts really helped me through the process! Thankyou for the lovely comment Darling. Hope you have had a great weekend😘 xoxo

  2. I’ve tried to find some vanity mirrors with lights like beauty gurus have on YouTube but it can be very expensive, so this seems like a really nice alternative to more pricey options!

    1. It can be very expensive! that is why I’m in love with this particular mirror. If you ever try it out, let me know how you get on, I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions😘 xoxo

  3. Oh I just love mirrors with lights around them like that, I wish I had one! I don’t have a magnifying section to the mirror I use at the moment, either, but I think that could be really useful I’ll have to start saving up for one, ha!

    Kirsty x

  4. I didn’t even know mirrors could make your skin appear lighter/darker/a slightly different shade. I’ve never had such problems with mine. I have one of those really tall ones and have never used a vanity mirror before, so it’s interesting to see how many features a mirror can actually have!

    x Envy

    1. We’re all different, and all of our mirrors are different!😘 Thanks for the comment Darling. xoxo

  5. Thanks for sharing! I need this mirror in my life! I used to have one of those plugin mirrors… and the light was so orange! It ended up going because I really struggled using it, even the fact that it used to sit at a funny angle! Definitely going to check this mirror out, I’m just standing really close to my full-length mirror at the moment, so need a better solution. Have a lovely day!

    Katie |

    1. Thankyou for commenting! Isn’t it just the worse, when you cannot find the right mirror! Hope you work well with this if you do purchase it darling, let me know what you think! Have a lovely day as well, lets hope for some better weather!😘xoxo

    1. Sounds like a great idea darling! Always good to stick with the one you know and love, and when you feel like a change theres so many options out there including this one. Hope you have a great day😘xoxo

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