As winter is slowly approaching it is usually the time where we all rip open our cupboards and withdraw countless candles. However, if you have a candle obsession (Yes there is such thing) like me then you come to realisation that choosing just one to light is extremely difficult. Meaning you end up using every single scent and making your room smell like Lush just crashed full speed into a perfume shop. Yes I just used that analogy!

After what seemed hours of procrastinating (Probably was) I rummaged through my collection and found my top four favorite candles. By showing you these, I hope that it makes your deciding time a lot shorter and also it’s an excuse to get more! So, sit back grab a snack and enjoy the post!

Let’s begin with these three little beauty’s which I received from my best-friend. Although they came with a few others these are three which I really like. I want to however mention even though I HATE marshmallows with a passion this scent is incredible so it just goes to show that things can be completely different when made as a candle. My favorite is Velvet rose. I’m in love with the colour! And they’re miniature so you couldn’t get any cuter than these if you tried.img_9769

Next, this one was purchased from Aldi  even though I wouldn’t usually shop at Aldi for candles when I saw this one I couldn’t resist and just had to add it to my collection. My favorite kinds of scents are Orange,Mango,Pineapple,Strawberry or any other kinds of fruit so when I saw this one I knew I was going to instantly fall in love with it. And that is exactly what happened. It’s definitely one of my top used candles. Can we just take in the fact that the packaging is ever so beautiful!IMG_9794.jpg

Moving swiftly on, if most of you follow my Instagram account emily_stylesx (shameless self plug right there) you would’ve seen this candle in all of its glory. I purchased this one from Primark and when I light it you definitely can smell the White Tea and Peony travelling around the air  even though it was a cheap purchase.IMG_9784.jpgLast but not least, we save the big beauty ’till last. This one was kindly brought as a cheer up present from my best-friend. Isn’t she just amazing? I can’t believe a candle can smell so good. It has such a clean, citrus smell and every time I light it I feel so happy!IMG_9761.jpg

What’s your favourite candle? Let me know down below, and I will be sure to check them all out! Thank-you so much for the support on my recent posts you guys really are incredible! Keep the love big, and I’ll see you next time. Love you <3


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