Recently I came to the realisation that I have had continuous support from other bloggers regarding my blog. This is something that allows me to pick up strength everyday to carry on writing and creating posts for you to enjoy! It’s not always easy, especially when you’re a mental health warrior and just getting out of bed most days is a huge struggle. One thing in particular that helps to give me that little bit of hope is when I find out I’ve been nominated for certain awards or tags. When I found out one of my favourite bloggers, known as Kendra (sunshineinhersoul) nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award I instantly grew a big smile on my face, and my heart pumped more beats than it has for a while! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry because not many people are aware of this incredible idea! This award has been created to be given out by bloggers to other bloggers who have inspired or touched them in some way. Amazing right?! I was given eleven questions by Kendra, and at the end of this post I will nominate eleven bloggers to have a go at answering my chosen questions!

What’s your all time favorite movie and why?

Well, this answer changes quite often. By quite often, I mean basically weekly. However, recently I have stayed on the love fest by overly watching The Addams Family. Not just any Addams Family though, I’m obsessed with the ones featuring Anjelica Huston, isn’t she just gorgeous!? I enjoy this movie because it has some very powerful, hidden messages throughout and I always find myself clinging onto hope my love life will one day be like Morticia and Gomez’s, strong and indestructible.

What’s the story behind your blog name? 

Come to think about it I don’t actually have a reason why I chose this name in particular. I just thought of it one day, and hey presto it’s been with me ever since! I guess as my blog is meant to be solely based around beauty I wanted to tie that into my name, so that people were aware of what my content was about.

Coffee, tea, or neither? 

Tea, a nice home made one of course! A little bit of milk, decaffeinated teabag (because, this girl don’t sleep at the best of times!) and one sugar does the job!

What’s your favorite topic to blog about? 

Mmmm, this one is hard because I have three topics I talk about, but if I were to pick only one of them it would be inspirational posts. However they are the ones that take the most time to write and plan due to the audience it may be read by – I don’t want anyone to feel worse because of me. That would break my heart!

How do you relax/unwind after a long day? 

I begin by lighting a few candles, and by few I mean basically every single one I own. I then either have a quick shower or a long bath depending on how tired I am, this is then followed by getting into some comfy pyjamas or some comfy clothes. After that skincare is my next priority because after a stressful day it begins to show the effects on my face, eg spots and no sleep bags! Last but not least I’ll get some snacks, open up my computer and spend the upcoming hours clearing my mind of stress and filling it with happiness!

Do you own any pets? 

Yes! I have my two cats, Ozzie and Alfie! Although my cat Alfie is at my nans, we have Ozzie who is my sister’s cat living at our house. We don’t love Alfie less it’s just because my nan brought him for me but obviously wanted him more, haha!

What’s your writing routine?

Firstly I begin by procrastinating which usually lasts for an hour or so. Once I finally gather my thoughts and energy, I like to have a drink of my choice along with a snack which I know will be my boost when I need it! I then take my pictures, or I would’ve taken them a few days before. I like to have my pictures done first so that I’m able to have a clearer idea as to what I’m writing about. Which ties in with the fact that I mentioned when I write inspirational posts they’re harder, because I don’t always have pictures to work alongside. Once I’ve taken my pictures, the writing process will begin. I don’t usually plan my posts, unless they’re sponsored and I need specific information, or codes. The writing can take anywhere from an hour, to a few days all depending on my state of mind!

What is your favorite place to visit and why?

One has to be Sydney Gardens in bath because of the idyllic nature you sense the moment your feet step inside of it. The beautiful bridge looks over the canal whilst you catch ducks minding their own business as they swim through the waters. It’s so calming and a great place to just sit and clear any unwanted thoughts! Another place would have to a beach, mainly down to the English culture that you get as soon as you arrive. The smell of hot donuts, and the sound of seagulls talking away really takes me back to my younger days as I’d run bare footed through the sand with no care in the world!

What’s your goal for your blog?

I think every bloggers main goal is to grow and reach a wider audience, not for the popularity aspect of it but more for the sense of warmness when somebody found one of your posts to make their day seem so much brighter after they read it. My goal is to simply continue in making people feel as if they have me by their side every step of the way. Even if I’m not there in person, I want to be able to make them feel less lonely by writing about something they’re passionate in or even just a post that connects with them on a certain level. I would love to obviously increase my following but that will take time, and I’m in no rush because right now my following means more to me than anything!

Top favorite app to edit your blog photos and why? 

I have two, firstly is Photoshop which I use for times when I want to edit photos in detail, and spending more time on them. My second app is IPiccy which is completely free and I use this if I just want to simply lighten and change a few settings on the picture.

What’s your favorite part of each week?

Friday of course! I look forward to not having to do anything work based until Tuesday, unless I’ve been given coursework to complete at home, then thats a pain! But Friday I   come home, flop onto my bed and sleep for what is usually the whole weekend! Oops..

The rules for the bloggers I nominate are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog in your post.

2. Answer the questions at the bottom of this post in your own blog post.

3. Nominate eleven blogs with eleven questions.

4. List the rules, as well as the Sunshine Award Logo, on your post.

Here are your questions to have a go at!
  1. Who are your inspirations? dead or alive.
  2. If you could turn back time, what would’ve you done differently?
  3. Why did you choose to begin blogging?
  4. What are the flaws of blogging for you?
  5. What are the benefits of blogging for you?
  6. Chocolate or sweets? – and why?
  7. What is your favourite type of makeup look – and why?
  8. What is your goal for your future?
  9. Favourite magazine brand?
  10. What makes you smile?
  11. Dream vacation? – and why

I nominate: Charlotte, Chloe, Marylin, Tori, Angel, Roxanne, Bexa, Char, Maud, Amanda, Bry Don’t forget to share your posts with me! I’d love to read them. xoxo

9 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018! ~ 14/04/18”

  1. I love reading your answers! It’s always fun to get to know the my favorite bloggers on a more personal level. I also like to take my photos for my blog posts first and write around them. It’s just easier because I can visualize what I want to say a lot easier. For all my other posts that don’t have photos, I usually write down key talking points in a notebook and just go from there. Thanks for nominating me! This will be a fun little post to work on tonight. 🙂

  2. I loved reading your answers Emily 💖. I also enjoy a relaxing bath and wearing comfy clothes, it’s my favourite thing. Also your weekend sounds super relaxing, it’s always good to chill 😍. That is such an adorable cat, Alfie and Ozzie are awesome names. Thank you so much for the nomination lovely 💕 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thankyou Bexa!
      My weekends don’t always end up like that, but when I can I love to just relax and take my mind to a whole new world!
      Have an amazing day Darling😘 xo

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