If you have been following me on Twitter recently, then you may have come to the realisation that I am going through a ‘buy everything that’s stationary even though you’ll probably never use it’ phase. This consists of walking into places like the The Works, WHSmith and Paperchase, filling my basket up with unnecessary crap and telling myself that there will be a use for it all one day. (That’s what I keep telling myself!) When in fact I guarantee the wrappers will still be on most of the items, whilst I’m sat in my wicker chair at eighty years old.

One magical stationary item I have fallen in love with recently, is writing sets! As a member of the younger generation, I’ve come to the sad realisation that many of us turn to social media and the odd email to check up on someone we love. The thought of sitting down for a hour or so to write out a handwritten letter, full of feelings and emotions; makes most of our eyebrows raise with disgust and confusion. Yes it may cost the odd penny to send through the mail, and the chance of making endless mistakes can have this seeming overly unnecessary. However, as somebody who enjoys being able to open my memory box up and read the messages that my loved ones wrote at times of darkness… I really think there needs to be more handwritten messages sent. Here are five reasons why sending a letter can make a huge difference in not just somebody else’s life, but yours as well! 

It’s less easy to just ‘delete’ Whenever my friends go through periods of sadness and loneliness, they more than likely receive a handwritten card through the post from me. I know this has a large impact on them, especially if they’re wanting to escape from the world of social media for a while, whilst still feeling connected to others. I guess just having those words written right in front of you, knowing it won’t accidentally get deleted and the writer actually took time to express those words on paper means an awful lot. Whilst social media platforms change over time, and some take a permanent close. You will always have that piece of paper even when you move on to different places in life.

Emotions are more awakened on paper Although we will never be able to fully understand someones feelings, without actually being face to face with them. Having a hand written letter speaks a thousand words, quite literally! Those moments where the pen shakes on certain words, and you feel the pain of the writer just through the tear stain printed on the side of the sheet. The realisation that their hand has written those words, whilst possibly just having held their family member’s hand a few seconds before on their last breath. Are just some reasons why the emotions can be expressed so much more vividly, than if you were to send a quick text.

Creativity! I thought I would add this one in to break up the more sentimental reasons. Creativity is definitely a bonus when writing a hand written letter. The choice of handwriting along with so much more is endless, and definitely adds a more personal touch for the receiver to read and enjoy! These designs in particular were brought from The Works, and at just £6.00 I think they are perfectly created. Especially with all different kinds of dogs scattered around the paper, and the blue inked borders. In this writing set you receive 10 sheets of beautifully illustrated paper, with 10 matching envelopes. Perfect for all occasions!

You don’t have a character limit. Yes, there is the struggle of running out of paper and the pen running out of ink. However, there is a bigger chance that you’re going to be able to write more without being constrained so tightly. The frustration over pins and needles kicking in every few minutes will definitely be worth it, when you see your ‘story’ written out in front of you.

Adds more emotional depth When somebody is texting another individual, they often don’t take in what they’re actually writing. Straight away their thumbs have been taught where each letter is on the keyboard and so the words just come out without even being heavily considered about. Whereas on the other hand, when writing a handwritten letter, you have more time to really think about what you’re going to write next. Each word is written from such emotional depth that the reader usually learns a lot about themselves because they’re actually taking time to think. For example, if somebody is writing about a traumatic family experience that recently occurred in their life, they have time to reflect on how that made them feel and think. All because they’re more likely to reread their words.

When was the last time you sat down and hand wrote a letter to that special someone? Whether that would be for somebody alive, or to place on somebody’s graveyard. Sometimes those words change somebody’s day from being heartbreaking to heart making, by those few sentences! Let me know your thoughts down below, as I would love to know if you prefer sending messages through social media or post.

Until next time lovelies! xo

One thought on “The Ink To The Paper Makes All The Difference – Five Reasons Why?… 2018! ~ 30/03/18”

  1. I do postcrossing & send postcards around the world. I love the written word 💕
    But write a real letter? Tjeez that certainly is a while ago!
    This paper is absolutely adorable! I loveee it!

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