Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing day. I still can’t get over the fact that March is nearly over already, seems like just yesterday March had only just begun. As most of you know Superdrug is my favourite shop for drugstore products especially the holy grail brand Revolution. It’s somewhere that offers affordable, good quality and pigmented makeup products if you’re on a budget or just looking for something different. The other day I picked up a few little things on my travels and thought what better than to do yet another haul for you guys! I really hope you enjoy and let me know down below what you want to see next, your requests matter!

Let’s begin with the first purchase, if you have seen my overwhelming stash of perfumes then you’ve probably realised my favourite scent is anything to do with fruits! So when I saw this spray I instantly fell in love, I wanted to try a spray because it means I can quickly throw it into my school bag on the running late days and not have to worry about carrying around a heavy and inconvenient bottle. Superdrug offer so many scents such as, Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy, Twilight Mist, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Kissing In The Rain and many more! I settled on Sparkling Pink GrapeFruit because not only is it fruit which like I mentioned I love it also reminds me of summer! The price they’re currently selling at is £3.99.

Next we move onto something that I wasn’t planning to get, in the shop my mum showed me this and at first I told her I didn’t like it but once I swatched the colours and tested them I became instantly attached to the product. Most people like myself after applying foundation put concealer underneath the eye area to brighten and sharpen the eyes. And although after this I do bake to make the colour stay I find it needs a little bit more protection. This is where the MUA Luxe Radiant Illumination Highlight Kit comes into use, the light, pigmented shades offer a hint of brightness to the skin and is perfect for a simple cheekbone highlight! I bought this for £4.00 reduced from £6.00.

Prom time is creeping up on us faster than the blink of an eye, so of course preparation shopping has begun. Yes I’m that early keen bean when it comes to planning events. At least I have an excuse to buy pointless products but nobody needs to know that right? However one product that isn’t so pointless is these intense volume edition 30 lashes from Lash. On the day I want my eyes to pop and although mascara is the less stressful and less annoying choice lashes were a must. These offer dramatic volume and length so I don’t have to worry about my eyes hiding beneath the rest of my look. Reduced from £4.19 I purchased these for £2.77. Bargain!

I’ve been really struggling to find a good quality blending brush without having to spend a fortune on the sets lately, so when I came across this Revolution Ultra Pointed Crease brush the shelf nearly fell of with the eagerness I gave to get it into my hands. Not only is it gold the brush is perfect at blending tight parts of my eye such as the crease or inner corner. I can’t wait to create some stunning looks with this! At an affordable price I got this for £5.99!

And that is it! Hopefully my last haul for a while, please let me know what you want to see next. Maybe a makeup look, a tag or even another one of my inspiration posts. Thank you so much for the constant support it honestly means so much and if I could hug you all I would do it straight away. See you next time my loves.

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