New year’s Eve, the time when the whole family get together to celebrate the momentous occasion with party poppers at the ready and to watch that one aunty get drunk until she can’t even say her own name. Going into the new year means most people fill their minds with upcoming goals they wish to accomplish throughout the upcoming months. The reason why I brought New years up was because that is when people usually only set themselves goals. Maybe jumping out of an airplane, or running the yearly marathon even just eating more healthy. But why can’t we do this every day? Why can’t you get up one Saturday and complete one of your most bizarre dreams? If you have the determination and positive mindset anything is possible!

After finally coming to the last week of what felt like 5 years being on a non-stop rollercoaster I’ve finally completed my time at secondary school! Ok, I’ve still got a few days left but I will begin my relief and excitement now. With 11 weeks on the horizon I have quite a bit of time to complete some of my goals this Summer.The first goal of mine which I want to attempt is one I try to succeed every day and that is maintaining my happiness. Usually focusing on the positives and not letting the negatives push their way up the importance ladder is something I find tricky. If I was given a positive situation and a negative situation I would usually sort out the negative first instead of just being happy and forgetting about what could in time make me unhappy. I want to be able to wake up have a great day and not let little bumps in the road cause a crash later on. This is something i’m determined to begin working on, especially at this point in time when I have so many positives in my life! My Second goal which I want to complete is to appreciate myself more. Being told you’re beautiful and amazing by someone is one incredible feeling but being called it by yourself is an even better feeling. This world has it’s tendencies of knocking us full force to the ground and never holding a hand to help you back up which is why it’s important to love yourself. Because if the situation occurs where you no longer have them people to call you beautiful or tell you things are going to be ok yourself can be the only person to do that. And thats ok! Instead of waking up in the morning and straight away pointing out the flaws I have I want to pick out some positives about myself and any flaws I will work on or appreciate for what they are.

My last but not final goal which I want to share is to continue to help people and make them smile. The world is home to 7 billion people and if I can help just one person to get through the day that will satisfy me! We all have our regrets and bad days but no-one should wake up in the morning and feel like waking up was a regret.  “Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.” Chantal Sutherland

What are some of your Summer goals? Let me know down below, and I will be sure to update you on any new ideas I have. Have an amazing day lovelies xxx

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