If you’re someone like me then you know getting ready in the morning is far from easy, especially if having the perfect winged eyeliner is a necessity for the day ahead. What makes this nightmare of a regime even harder is when you’re faced with less than an hour to create a masterpiece before you’re sat in a field surrounded by men who quite clearly don’t have a clue what fashion is, or too the point what clothes are. Screaming girls who don’t have the faintest idea where their friends have disappeared too, and settling down to enjoy the latest music trends from the past year with the crowds singing right beside you. Yes ladies and gentlemen… It’s that time of the year again, and it’s all about festivals!

Although I’m not a huge festival kind of girl, I do really enjoy sitting down, grabbing my glitters and creating endless looks inspired by the latest trends. Recently myself and Charlotte from Scarletslippers decided to have a go at putting together our own festival looks which will hopefully inspire your creative minds for the next big event! For my look I decided to go for the less sparkly, looking like a unicorn has ran full speed into your face kind of effect and lean more towards a simple yet captivating soft look. With a bold lip and a subtle gold eyeshadow I knew this was a winner for the more casual wearers, like myself.

Firstly, I began by applying my Freedom eye primer to the lid to ensure that the glitter had a smooth surface to cling onto throughout the day. To make sure that had no way of sliding off I applied some Collection pressed powder over the top with my Evie Mai blending brush. Then taking my Crown 35 Color Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette I began by pressing the lightest cream shade all across my lid. The reason I chose pressing for my application technique was to obtain a more pigmented and long-lasting shadow. Sometimes when you brush the colour across it becomes lost in the bristles and not much can be seen on the eye.

Taking my Revolution eyeshadow brush I applied a more hazelnut shade into my crease, and blended up slightly towards the brow bone. This was done a further two more times so that enough product was added and no movement would take place throughout the busy hours ahead. However I wasn’t completely satisfied with the pigmentation that the hazelnut shade left, so I then went in with a dark red colour and added that in the outer V which I then carried into the waterline so that the parts didn’t seem separated. As there was a lot of warm toned shades I decided the look needed a bit more definition to make sure that the eye didn’t appear droopy and ailing looking. To create this I took the same Revolution eyeshadow brush and pressed a small amount of the darkest brown colour into my crease and blended slightly upwards.
Now glitter! When applying a glitter pigment, it is a lot heavier than most shadows and needs to be applied in a specific way to make sure that it doesn’t fade. To achieve this, I took A simple Mac flat tapered brush and sprayed it with some Freedom fix plus spray. With the same Crown Eyeshadow Palette I chose the silver shadow with a hint of glitter and applied it over my lid, stopping at the outer V. Every few applications I would let the glitter dry and then apply some more this was so that I wasn’t bringing up any product that was already settling. I also added the same glitter colour to my tear duct and brow bone, this acted as a highlight and meant that the eyes would stand out beneath the dark shadows. Lastly I went in with the same light cream shade I used for the lid, and went across my brown bone to clear up any excess product that had been blended messily.

Because I wanted this look to be a cut crease but not have the harsh line from sellotape, I cleaned up the shadow with some Revolution translucent powder in a white shade. The look was finished off by applying some Elf Cosmetic mascara after I curled my lashes and on my lips I used MUA Lipstick In Shade 7.

 So that is it lovelies! Here are some sneak peak photos from Charlotte’s creation, so don’t forget to head on over to her blog for the full read. She’s amazing! and I’m very grateful that she worked along side me to showcase our festival looks for you lot to hopefully create yourself. Thank you so much for reading everyone, and I’ll see you all tomorrow! Bye for now.. xo 

Charlottes Blog: http://www.scarletslippers.co.uk

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  1. As always, loved collaborating with you on another post! Love your festival look so much and also super envious of your incredible photography. Love every single one of your photos and adore your eye makeup. Thank you for collabing with my again! Love you xxxx

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