After recent discoveries within my makeup collection, I’ve come to the realization that I’m definitely a hoarder when it comes to keeping an unhealthy amount of unusable and pointless products. Everyday I begin my morning routine by spending usually a good ten minutes just looking for one item that is buried beneath the mayhem. The other day I sat down, took the plunge and began the dreaded declutter of my collection starting with brushes and applicators. I knew it was the perfect timing to get rid of any brushes I hadn’t used for a long period of time and begin re-purchasing from more versatile and sustainable brands.
One brand in particular that caught my attention straight away was So Eco. Made from recycled and sustainable materials that are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable results in super soft bristles which, can I just add are even cruelty free! Their motto “The world is a beautiful place, so let’s keep it that way.” is most definitely shown when creating their brushes. The handles are made from bamboo, their packaging is FSC approved, the added touch of a window is made from corn starch and let’s not forget everything’s all held together using water based adhesives.

As you guys know I am a firm believer in reviewing only products that I love and feel strongly about, I’m not one to review something just because it’s going to give me a freebie, or it’s a big craze within the makeup industry. If I feel strongly about the brands intentions then I will happily review some of their products on my blog. When I was able to collaborate alongside So Eco to showcase some of their recent kits, I instantly squealed in excitement because I’ve already purchased a number of their brushes and fallen in love since day one.

Lets begin with one of my favourite kinds of brushes, and that is the contour brush. If you know me you know I live for the contour! If I don’t have that definition to my face I feel utterly bare and cannot leave the house until I’m contoured up! (Yep, I just said that.) The first thing I noticed with this brush is how incredibly soft the bristles are. Although they’re quite compact which can be difficult at times to achieve the perfect line, they do however blend very easily which can correct any misplacement with the colour. If I could critique anything about this brush it would only have to be that there should be more of an angle to the bristles, to help blend into the cheekbone easier.

Moving on, I was kindly sent their Round foundation brush. I’ve never usually been a fan of these foundation brushes. However I straight away fell in love with how the brush gently glides onto my face and evenly distributes the liquid creating a perfect finish. The head is pointed which means that you can blend into the difficult areas and not leave any patches without foundation. Yes, this probably wouldn’t be ideal for applying a whole face of foundation, but it is perfect for tidying up or adding that little bit of concealer to bigger blemishes. 

Thirdly, the tapered blending brush. This is one perfect for brushing off any excess powder. The bristles are tightly packed yet they move freely creating a smooth and soft application. Although the brush is made at an angle, you are able to go in any direction without the feel of the makeup dragging across your face. 

For my bronzer I like to use a big fluffy brush so I can easily apply product to my temples, chin and cheekbones without creating any harsh lines. With a smaller brush I find that the colour stays in one place and is unable to blend very well. When I saw that So Eco had created a larger sized bronzing brush I knew I would straight away fall in love, and that’s exactly what happened! Like all of the other brushes the bristles are so soft and can make applying makeup that bit easier. 

And last but not least, we have the lip brush! Now, I’m not one for enjoying the use of a lip brush. I do understand why some people would, as yes they can make applying lipstick a bit easier. However, I just find them to be pointless. Despite my feelings towards these kinds of brushes I did still try it out, and was surprised by how free flowing the bristles felt on my lips despite being compact. I would like to thank So Eco for working along side me to create today’s review. If you would like to check out any of their products, I would 100% recommend them to anyone who is struggling for brush ideas. Thankyou so much for reading my lovelies, I’ll see you all soon!

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