It’s been a hot minute since I have written up a monthly favourites post for you guys, and after gravitating towards so many different products in the month of September I knew it was the time to do an updated one! I hope you enjoy these kind of posts, let me down below if you do! I would love to hear your feedback.

For the past few months I have been wearing less makeup and sometimes none at all, this is because I’ve wanted to give my skin a much needed break from the heavy wear throughout the day, and let it breath! Especially because my non-existent sleeping pattern has completely broke me out into having some unattractive blemishes and damaged areas. However, when the days come that I just want to create a look and feel good about myself I have noticed I’m leaning towards the same number of products. Today I wanted to grab my most used beauty items I’d used throughout the month of September and explain exactly why I fell in love with each and everyone of them.

Revolution Ultra Cover&Conceal Palette Light/Medium. ~ Let’s begin with the first favourite, which is from my holy grail drugstore brand. Yes, you guessed it I’m talking about the one and only Revolution! As we can all probably tell from the state of this palette I have completely come to love the formula of these creams. After applying foundation I like to add a very light shade underneath my eyes, on my chin and across my t-zone to create a more awake look and enhance any areas that may have become hidden. When beauty bloggers take images of their face with a flash, there can be a lot of shininess from a bright cream highlight so, I’ve found applying a little bit of translucent powder to those places helps prevent this from happening. I really like how lightweight these colours are, I don’t feel like I am trapped under a sticky and greasy barrier and I am able to enjoy my day with very little movement from the product. Revolution are currently selling this palette at anywhere between £6 to £8 In local drugstores. Definitely worth the price, because you not only get a lot of product in each pan but it lasts for a very long time throughout the day!
Cougar  SnakeVenom Cream. ~ I have never loved a day cream just as much as I’ve come to love this one from Cougar. Although I’m currently transiting into the world of cruelty free, this is one product that I will make an exception for and let stay in my beauty regime because cougar have developed a tripeptide synthetic snake venom instead of actual Snake Venom which causes muscular paralysis to the face and then the whole body. How does this fine invention work you may ask? Well, this innovative ingredient effectively smoothes wrinkles and reduces the appearance of fine lines by reducing the ability of muscle cells to contract without causing any harm to the user. Currently the brand have this for sale on their website at a price of £18.99 and I would repurchase this again in a second! You get so much product in the 0.065kg container which I think is plenty for the price you’re paying, especially with how well it achieves its purpose.

Freedom Pro Studio Oil Control Base. ~ I don’t think I’ve written a post without mentioning the incredible brand Freedom. The way they create such versatile and high quality products for such an affordable price is beyond me. Yes, some of their makeup for a drugstore brand is a bit pricey but for the finish I get when applying onto my face it’s totally worth it. Recently my skin has become more on the dry side meaning that my makeup finds it almost impossible to listen to instructions and stay on my face throughout the day without leaving a huge mess. I’ve been looking for a base primer for quite a while that will give my makeup something to cling onto throughout the tiring hours, reduce shine and control the oily patches that I have scattered around. This Pro Studio oil control base is perfect for doing just that! With the silicone texture you are given a lot of leeway to blend and ensure the product is disrupted evenly. Although when you I first came in contact with the formula I instantly thought that it would make my face feel heavy and like I was locked behind a barrier and couldn’t move freely. Those thoughts instantly vanished when I began using this base because it is such a smooth and light weight feel and you don’t even realise you’re wearing it. Currently Superdrug are selling this for £8. 
PS… Matte Liquid Lipstick. ~ Next in my September favourites is this Primark Lipstick. Yes you heard it right I actually use and love a makeup product from the place that I swore I wouldn’t purchase from again. Recently I have been into the nude colours and creating gradient looks by mixing a few colours together. When first applying this lipstick it does dry very quickly so you need to make sure you apply it quickly and efficiently. I’ve found that this is best as just a one coat application, when I tried going back over the first coat the formula became sticky and dry. But with just one it looked beautiful and the colour really took control and gave my lips the nude look I’d been wanting. It is a Matte finish so if you’re looking to have a long lasting lipstick this is definitely one for you. 
Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation. ~ Now, the last product is one that I know a lot of you are going to be confused about as its said to be not cruelty free. This is completely my fault because at the time of purchasing this foundation I did not realise that there is a lot of controversy about whether Max Factor test on animals or not. So although I will not be repurchasing this again when I’ve finished using it, I am going to be having this as my foundation choice for the time being because I am absolutely in love! Straight away I noticed how the colour adapting addition actually works. It does scare some people off as in the bottle it looks more of a orange toned shade but when I applied it to my face and blended it out with a beauty blender the colour instantly changed to my skin tone. For an even finish I like to apply this foundation to the back of my hand, take a small concealer brush to map out where I want the product to be and then I blend it all out with a beauty blender. No movement, no dry patches and no greasiness! For just £9.99 In Superdrug I think this is a perfect product for anyone.
There we go, my September beauty favourites for 2017 is done! I really hope you enjoyed my first post back and let me know down below what makeup items you’ve been loving this month? I’m always looking to try new things out. I will see you all on Wednesday for a new exciting touch to the blog! Until next time, bye bye lovelies.

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