I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I have an unhealthy obsession with lipsticks. And when I say unhealthy, I literally mean I have two big drawers full of every shade possible. And when I say every shade possible, I have about twenty of the same Red, and fourteen of the same Nude. But, we don’t have to share that information to the world…. right? *sips tea*

Don’t get me wrong having an obsession with lipsticks isn’t always a bad thing. At times it’s life changing, especially when you’re in the middle of Superdrug pondering on whether you should get nude 01 or, nude 02. *takes bigger sip of tea* This person was me a few days ago, when I found myself in front of the Rimmel counter, wondering if I should home another lipstick. Did I really need to? No. Did I anyway just because I felt sorry for them sitting all alone on the shelves with no-one reaching for them? Yes. Before I begin I just want to mention that I know Rimmel is not cruelty free, but this has been a lipstick a lot of people have wanted me to review. Unfortunately I will not be purchasing from Rimmel again, due to my views on animal testing.Packaging..

I know I’m going to get a lot of people’s mouths dropping in shock and horror as they read my thoughts and feelings related to the packaging of this particular lipstick. Personally, I think they could’ve spent a little bit more time and effort on making the casing look less cheap. Especially when it is in collaboration with Kate Moss. Surely, being connected with a well known model, you would’ve thought they might have used that to their advantage and made it look a little bit more classy. Although what most could you ask for from a Β£5.49 drugstore lipstick. Despite this flaw, I did fall in love with one point in particular and that was how easy it is to continuously remove the lid. This can definitely be a setback with most lipsticks. When you find yourself looking like a tired walrus, as you spend over ten minutes trying to put all of your strength into opening one little lid. (Just me?) It isn’t the best look for the public eye to come across! Overall, I love that the colours of the packaging match with the shade of the lipstick inside. For example, this one is nude so the casing is pinky toned. Perfect if you’re one of those people who just go for what the packaging indicates is in inside!

The Product Itself

Overall, I can’t fault anything to do with the product itself. As to how it feels on my lips, I’m able to honestly say it feels beautiful, straight away I’m met with a creamy texture as I first apply it. Most lipsticks retailed at this price do not have this advantage, and instead it feels like someone has a load of gravel in their hand and for some reason decides to rub it across your mouth. Not the most pleasant of looks, or tastes! This also leads me onto my next point, which is how it looks. Straight away I could see the smoothness of the lipstick whilst in the tube, and that is one of the main reasons I intended on purchasing it. This makes up for how I mentioned the packaging is what lets down the classiness effect, because if a lipstick has a smooth texture I’m more than likely going to let that be the overall winning vote. Now, if we were to go deeper into understanding the lipstick, then we would probably have to talk about the shading and how it is used. Rimmel decided that when creating a nude shade, they wouldn’t just produce one type, but instead five. Nude 40, 42, 43, 45 and 48. I decided on choosing the shade Nude 45, because I felt like It wasn’t a colour that would straight away wash out my complexion, like most of my other nude shades In my collection and instead would add a little bit of warmth, and rosiness without being too overpowering. And that is exactly what this little gem did for me!

Last but not least I want to touch on something that is sure to blow some of you off of your chairs into the land of dreams and wonders! So, hold on tight! Ready?


When I say smells, I don’t mean of a farmers back pocket, I mean it smells like something pleasant and memorable. Obviously if you were to smell it, then you might have a different opinion and instead it might remind you of a childhood memory. However, for me it reminds me of sweet scented chocolate and strawberries! Strange, but trust me it is a big advantage, especially when you know you’re going to wear it all day in front of other members of the public!Β Would you be tempted into buying this kind of lippie, or are you one to stand back until a revolution changing one appears? Let me know down below, as I would love to know your thoughts!

What’s your favourite lipstick right now, and why? xo

4 thoughts on “Rimmel | Kate Moss Lipstick Nude 45 Review 2018! ~ 25/02/18”

    1. Thankyou Angela!
      I know, and it’s such a shame as I have been going cruelty free for a few years now. But, a lot of people have asked me to do this review, so I had to hold my breath and take the plunge! It’s such a shame. I won’t be purchasing from them again, don’t worry πŸ™‚
      Have a great day Darling. xoxo

  1. I think I have a very old Rimmel and Kate moss lipstick somewhere but haven’t used it in so long! These look stunnning I’m definitely going to try them 😊 Love your blog too, looks amazing!

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