Well fancy seeing you here today! Yes, I know it’s been too long and you’ve all struggled without myself and my witty sense of humour which obviously needs to be thought over. However you can now wipe those tears away because I’m back! and for good this time. (She says already exhausted from writing just these couple of sentences.) Besides the point I’m finally after much anticipation getting back posting what I hope to be creative, genuine and helpful content and what better time to start than right now.

As you all know, reviews are something I love to post, not only do they inform you on my opinionated pro’s and cons regarding the product to help you prior purchasing, they also tell you about different bargains on the market right now. Without reviews, purchasing brand’s products would be made pretty tough if you had no clue whether they’d be delivered at a satisfactory state or look very different from the sale image.  A few months ago, stuck in a similar situation I was in need of a new foundation, and with so many being thrown at me I was stuck as to what I wanted to invest my time and money in.

Being a beauty blogger I’m constantly needing to take headshots to show certain makeup items and looks so I knew this had to be prioritised when looking. Eventually after researching for what seemed days (probably was knowing my concentration span) I came across this foundation from Revlon one brand I wouldn’t usually shop at, however I was and still am pleasantly surprised with the results this foundation creates. One thing I would like to add before we jump straight into the fun ahead is, yes the bottle still has the security label on. I’ve not had the patience or time to sit down and peel it off, so before anyone suspects I stole it, I did not I’m just …. well … lazy!The high mega-pixels on my camera usually have the tendency of picking up every blemish on my face, and sometimes creates a washed out appearance to my skin. To stop this from happening I knew I needed a Light-Filtering foundation. Light filtering is important because when flash is used if not wearing the correct foundation the flash will bounce off of the skin resulting in a greasy and oily finish. This is when the word filtering becomes important and useful, because when wearing this kind of formula it means that the flash is unable to create that effect and the skin appears more mattified and smooth.

Let’s begin with my first impressions regarding this product. Firstly I want to talk about a few points with colour and shading, I must admit at first I did hesitate towards this shade however that was my tested colour. To me the name Vanilla creates an image of a warmer and more mellow tone which is definitely not what I usually wear, however I came to realization that the shades aren’t as dark as they’re presented, meaning that this is a perfect match for me. Secondly let’s talk about the packaging which is something that got me guessing, when I first saw this bottle on the shelf I had guessed that it was going to be leaning onto the expensive side which let me tell you I don’t like venturing over to unless I have been guaranteed it’s worth it. However it is retailed at around an astonishing price of £7.92 depending on the place of purchase. The glass protection creates a window to view what’s inside meaning the choosing of the shade becomes much easier! I dislike when the packaging is plastic because you cannot be certain of the product inside. The lid although not necessarily important to this review, securely fastens onto the bottle meaning that the event of leaking and bacteria entering is reduced. Overall, personally the packaging is sustainable and pleasing to the eye.When I first applied this foundation I realised that although perfect at blending, it can become a little bit patchy in some areas. Clinging to my dry patches on my skin doesn’t make a pleasing look especially in photos so I was definitely quickly put off by this. However after doing some research myself and my creative side (yes, I know crazy I have that kind of side!) was able to come up with a plan. Applying a little bit of moisturiser onto the back of my hand mixed in to the foundation before applying with a brush meant that the moisturiser acted as a protective barrier to my dry areas and also lightened the colour to my desired taste! So, eventually that was no longer a problem. If you are looking for a more mattified and smooth finish then with your brush patting motions is the best way to achieve that look, because with this formula moving your brush back and forth will only create lines and patchiness.

Overall I am looking forward to creating more looks with the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Finish foundation and would definitely repurchase it. It does have some flaws, but for the price and the fact that it’s classed as a drugstore brand then it isn’t anything worth worrying over. I strongly suggest if you’re someone like me who is constantly in front of the camera then buying this will help with the side effects of the flash.

Let me know down below what your favourite foundation is and why? Until next time lovelies… have a wonderful day!

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    1. Hello jade! yes, you totally should. It’s a really good foundation especially for us bloggers! I’ll check your blog out, thankyou so much for the lovely comment 🙂 xx

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