We’ve all purchased a product which we’ve had high hopes for, however resulted in turning out to the lone wolf at the back of your collection that never gets used. Due to being obsessed with makeup i’ve had this happen to me many times and end up with makeup that has failed its expectations. Either because the pigmentation is not great, the product leaves breakouts, not my shade or just not creamy enough. Today I thought I would rummage through my collection and pick out some of my regretted purchases through the past few months, there are not many as I usually throw out or give to charity unwanted makeup. These are just some sneaky ones that found their way into the depths of my drawers. I do not have any hate against any of these company’s just some of the products do not live up to my standards.

First let’s begin with this Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush. Although I do like the colour and the pigmentation it holds on the skin, I’m not overly impressed with the formula. When applying, most of the product crumbles into the brush which meant applying was very difficult at times. This also meant the product was shown to stay in one spot instead of blending. Secondly the packaging is very poor! Straight away the lid fell off which meant the blush was open to bacteria and breaking.  If you are someone who is very new to makeup or a young child this would be a good starter blush for you, however for someone who is looking for a more versatile blush then in my opinion this is not the best option. 

Moving on we come to this old favourite of mine, the Collection Bronze Glow! Now you may be wondering why is this shown in your regretted products Emily? Well, the answer to that is because now I look back I wonder why on earth I was allowed to be seen with this colour bronzer thrown on my face. Although it is an amazing bronzer and I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a affordable and easy to use product it was definitely not my shade. If I was a warmer skin tone then I would consider repurchasing this but just because it only comes in this shade is the reason why it is a regretted purchase. 

If you know me you know for my highlighting and correcting after foundation I live for cream products. I think they are the most easy to use and has the best finishing results. I’ve used Revolution, Collection and many more including this Technic Colour Fix Palette from Just Beauty. At first I loved this palette but soon found that it dropped on my love scale pretty fast. This was because of how little product I was able to use from each colour and for the price I found it definitely didn’t feel like it was worth that much. As you can see I only gravitated towards the lighter shades because I found the darker ones to not blend into my skin and left harsh lines even at times feeling very sticky throughout the day. It’s also very hard to maintain a state of cleanliness with this palette due to the pans not being a great depth in width and height. Or maybe I’m just messy in general? 

Lastly we finish with this NYX Doll Eye Mascara. I want to begin by expressing how excited I was to purchase this mascara. In my first Feel Unique shopping spree I knew this had to be something I was going to own because of how much people had raved about it. Now I look back I’m honestly confused by what people saw in this product. As soon as I applied it the product just clumped onto my eyelashes and left nothing but a gloopy look. I was even more disappointed not just because of what the mascaras results were like but because it was purchased from one of my favorite brands, and I don’t like to talk bad about my most loved brands but unfortunately this just wasn’t one of their good creations. 

Let me know down below some of your regretted purchased and why they’re on that list? See you all soon lovelies!

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