Hello lovelies! I hope you’re having an amazing day, what have you been up to recently? I would love to know down below. I know a lot of you have been wondering where I’ve been recently, I just needed to sort a few things out and take some time out for myself but now I’m back, and what a better time than now when prom season is just two months away. Like most people, Secondary school hasn’t been the easiest, I still can’t believe I survived 5 years. If you’re in year seven or about to leave and you feel the same just know it does get better and easier I promise! Just have to get through the hard bits to reach the good. To kick start the prom shopping I decided where better to start then accessories! They do say diamonds are a girls best friend, and indeed they are. As my dress is going to be a teal colour I decided the best accessory colour was going to be gold/rose gold, especially due to the fact that my shoes are gold as well.

Firstly, I wanted something to enhance my hairstyle but not take the focus away from the rest of the look. Without spending hundreds of pounds I found a tiara for just £4.99 in Just Beauty! What incredible value for a stunning piece of headwear. This is the only silver accessory I will be wearing, as I feel it adds contrast to the look without it being drowned in gold.  I don’t know if i’m the only one but I feel the statement piece is always the necklace it can be bold, full of diamonds or just a small charm and it always brings the look together. As I said my jewellery colour that I’m heading towards is rose gold so when I saw this beauty for only £15 in Debenhams I knew I just had to get hold of it!

One place that I’d never thought about shopping for Prom stuff is Primark, just because I always associate it with cheap, however I guess the quote never judge a book by its cover is true because when I caught my eyes on these stunning earrings I instantly fell in love. They were on sale for £1.00!

And that’s all I’ve purchased for the time being! I’ll definitely do another prom preparations post when I have received my dress! Don’t forget to check back everyday for makeup tutorials and lot’s more makeup and lifestyle related posts! Let me down down below if your prom is creeping up and what’s your plans for the big day? Speak soon lovelies! x

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