When it comes to finding the best deals around, I’m always the first to have my coupons in one hand and purse in the other ready to rugby tackle my way into the crowds. One place in particular that continues to have the best sales is Primark, if you live in the UK then you might be familiar with this place. The place where you go in just wanting one thing and end up coming out with ten handbags, twenty t-shirts and a few packs of underwear. You can never have enough though, right?! After reading a few of Chloe’s reviews from BeingChloe I have found myself eager to try out some of Primark’s own range of makeup. Over the years I have seen their line grow enormously, to the point where they are now selling their very own primer! I remember when they first started and their eyeshadows were similar to the texture of gravel, so they’ve most definitely improved throughout the years.

One thing I’ve noticed with Primark recently is that they’ve been creating lots of dupes for some high end products circulating the beauty industry right now. I kept wondering are they actually good enough to be classed as quality duplicates for the real thing, or are they just a cheap knock off that shouldn’t even be given the satisfaction of purchasing? I decided to try and answer that for myself, by grabbing some of the ones that were being sold in my local store! Ok, so I only found two because apparently they were very popular among the citizens of bath, but I did find the ones that were by far the most eye catching to me.  Firstly, I decided to get my hands on the PS Nudes Matte Eye Range in the shade Girl Code. A dupe similar to the ever so famous Kylie kits! Containing a matte eye cream, an eye liner pencil and precision applicator, means this is a perfect little set if you’re constantly on the go. Just throw in your bag, and conquer the day! At just £3 for 1.5g I was blown away by the formula of the products and how well they glide onto the eyes. Of course at first I was a bit hesitant to see if the pencil would either scratch my lid or just look messy and hold little to no pigmentation, however later on I was pleasantly surprised by the end result.The formulation of the cream was a perfect consistency for me especially with the help of the brush provided, which let me add is not like other cheap brushes that are sold by drugstore brands, instead the bristles were perfectly compact and soft! I wore both products for the whole day and found neither one of them budged despite the weather changes and lots of rubbing of the eyes! Even the colour stayed near enough the same and I only noticed a little bit of loss in the pigmentation by the third hour of wear, which for me is what happens with most nude colours.  The second, and last set that I picked up is the PS Chocolate Lip Kit in Creme Caramel.  As you can probably guess by the brightly coloured packaging this is a dupe for the highly raved about melted lipglosses by Too Faced. When I first opened the box up I was straight away met with an overwhelming smell of chocolate, maybe too scented for some but for me it was absolutely fine.Although I’m not the biggest fan of lipglosses, mainly down to being a long haired girl and the fact the end result is not pretty in the slightest! Especially on a windy day. Despite the very chocolatey scent, the fact it is a lipgloss and the worry it would not live up to my high expectations, I found it to be very moisturising and refreshing to wear throughout the day. Which supports the well known quote, “Never judge a book by it’s cover!” There isn’t much colour when I applied the lipgloss, and at first glance I did have the thought it might come out brown and not so pretty but it didn’t and instead I was left with a slight finish of colour and lots of gloss to help moisten my lips. Altogether a very cute and handy on the go lip product! 

Overall, I definitely see Primark improving with the way they make and produce their makeup. Not only are all of these items I’ve reviewed today pigmented, wearable and long-lasting they’re also affordable for those on a restricted amount of money! As a store that is known for being budget friendly, I would most likely repurchase these if they continue to last throughout the days I wear them! Who knows, maybe Primark will be purchased more from me.

Have you ever purchased a makeup item from Primark, how did you get on with it? Let me know down below, I’d love to hear your opinions and feedback! Until next time lovelies, bye for now! xo

22 thoughts on “Primark’s High Brand Dupes – Are They Worth it? 2018! ~ 15/05/18”

  1. I’m so glad you did this review because I have an eyeshadow cream from Kylie cosmetics and I love the color but since it’s not matte it shows up really greasy on my lids and creases a lot as the day goes on. I’ve been looking for a good matte eyeshadow cream that isn’t too expensive! As for the chocolates scent that sounds amazing to me haha.

  2. Those colors are fantastic! I wish I had a Primark closer to where I live because I see everyone posting such great stuff from there. I may have to schedule a weekend shopping trip to the King of Prussia mall and pick some of these up.

    1. Thankyou so much darling! I really hope you manage to organise that trip, primark is coming out with so many great products at the moment!😘 xoxo

  3. Did you know Primark’s make-up is 100% animal cruelty free? :3 Which is why I love it even more! I kinda need to try their products more often and your post convinced me again!

    1. No way! I did not realise that. Thankyou so much for sharing that with me Darling. That’s really good to know, aww I’m so glad its helped you with some ideas. Hope they work out for you!😘

    1. Why, thankyou! That’s really lovely to hear, and it means a lot! The camera I use is the Canon EOS 600D, with multiple different lenses!! Have a wonderful day Darling😘xoxo

  4. I definitely want to try some of their beauty bits! Unfortunately, all the good stuff sells out so quickly in my local store, but I can’t wait to try some of their eye and lip kits x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Thankyou so much Darling! Hopefully you’re able to grab hold of some products soon. Pain in the bottom when that happens, especially with something you’ve wanted for a very long time. Hope you have a lovely day!!😘 xoxo

  5. Oh wow! I’ve definitely been a nightmare with Primark at the moment. Been hunting around for their beauty stuff everywhere, but that means I now have a huge collection of swimwear and beachwear that I’ve picked up along the way! They’ve also got an awesome selection of shoes this summer, so been stocking up on all the beautiful pastel colours! <3 Definitely going back in for the eye kit though, still unsure about that chocolate gloss…. I'm really not a gloss person, but I love the eyeshadow palette from that collection.
    Have a lovely day lovely! <3

    1. I thought that about the chocolate gloss as well, but when I applied it – it honestly wasn’t as glossy as I expected, which filled me with relief! I don’t like too much gloss either, it usually makes my lips appear more chapped than they actually are, which is a pain! I haven’t seen many of their shoes at the moment, but will definitely check them out next time I take a visit!! Hope you have a lovely day as well😘 xo

  6. I never knew Primark did such a pretty and affordable range of makeup. The PS Nudes set is gorgeous and exactly the kinda colours I’d go for. It’s great the chocolate lipgloss was better than you expected too. Great post lovely and your photography is fantastic! 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. They’ve definitely stepped up their game when producing makeup! Makes me wonder why I’m spending so much money on certain products when I can get similar ones for cheaper at shops like Primark. Thankyou so much for the lovely comment! hope you have a great day😘xo

  7. I’ve been dying to try Primark’s makeup! I’d heard that they’ve made huge improvements recently but I didn’t know they were doing dupes, and I’ve been on the hunt for a moisturising lip gloss 🙂 great post!

    Kirsty x

    1. They have definitely improved hugely!! I think were all coming to the point where we can see that. I really hope they work out for you, if you do try ’em out. Thankyou for the comment Darling. Have a great day!😘xo

    1. Thankyou Darling! That’s a shame there is no Primark where you are. Maybe, on a visit to England again one day, you’ll be able to pick up a few things😘 xo

    1. You do indeed! It’s so great to see them expanding, and actually putting some quality time and effort into their products! Thanks for the comment Doll😘 xo

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