If you’re a born and raised UK citizen, then you are more than likely familiar with the beloved store Primark. If not, firstly where have you been all of these years? And secondly, you’re most definitely missing out! Ok, If you’re one of those people who have no idea what I’m talking about then grab a drink, sit down and let me replenish your brain! Primark is a shop which was first opened in Ireland, and since then has flourished all around the country. Selling anything and everything, ranging from clothing all the way to homeware. This shop has stolen the hearts of many who just want to buy the latest trends at an affordable price!

The area of the shop in particular that has created many love hate relationships with people, including myself. Is the makeup section, known by the brand name PS. Personally, I don’t particularly love the way most of Primark’s beauty products have been created, I usually find that the foundations are too dark and sticky, mascaras are thick and messy and concealers create nothing but annoying and unwanted creases. However there have been moments when I find myself walking home, with a few items that have won me over. Mainly their lipsticks or a few of the eyeshadow palettes.

One eyeshadow palette that has been in my hands most days, is the Smoky Eyeshadow Palette kindly gifted by one of my sisters for Christmas.

Isn’t it just beautiful? definitely an improvement to how their palettes used to be made.


The first thing I always try to look for in any kind of palette is the way it shuts. I prefer a magnetic closure because then I know my product inside is safe from any germs and dust entering from the outside world. And this is exactly what Primark have done. Without any difficulty and frustration, the lid closes and keeps my mind at rest knowing everything is tightly secure. This leads me onto the look of the front cover, which is created to associate around the name itself ‘Smoky’.The back-round is matte black, with a hint of smoke going across the middle and fading off into the distance, so they have done a brilliant job tying in the name and aesthetic together. The palette itself is quite long and thin which I do panic over sometimes. This is because if i’m wanting to throw it in my bag for the day, i’m scared it will break easily amongst everything. And then I will be left with nothing but a puff of smoke. (Sorry, had to throw that pun in there.) 

Shades And More Shades!

All together the palette holds ten shades, ranging from every day, subtle colours all the way to daring and vibrant ones that would be perfect for a night out on the town. Although there are quite a lot of matte colours, the palette also offers a range of shimmers if you’re feeling the need to be daring! Let’s talk about pigmentation, pigmentation is one aspect that I always find to be the let down point with Primark products. But, to my luck this isn’t the case as every colour locks in enough pigmentation that helps the shades to not wear off throughout the day. The colours which i found to be the most wearable and long lasting were Pink, Blue, Black and Brown. Whereas the other colours needed either a touch up after a few hours, or just a little extra application the first time. But, that didn’t stop them from all being really enjoyable shades to wear!

Throughout using the palette, I have noticed that the more brown toned colours tend to be the easiest at blending and hold more pigmentation throughout the day. However I found that the more funky and vibrant colours were a little bit more difficult to blend, and mix with others. I do believe that the quality of the shadows try to compare to that of Revolution’s standards, however do not as such meet them. They do however try and can be pulled off as a great dupe!

Along with the length of the palette itself, the colours are also packaged to be long, and narrow. Which can have its flaws along with benefits. One flaw being, it can be quite difficult and annoying to get the brush into that tight of a space daily, especially when you are in a rush to get out the door in time. Another flaw is that the pan sizes aren’t deep and so there isn’t actually that much product to be used. This can be degrading, especially if you love a certain colour. However there are some benefits, one being that it means there isn’t much mess to be created. The smaller the size means you’re less likely to throw shadow everywhere and anywhere!

So, overall would I recommend this palette to you guys? Yes, most definitely! I however do want to put out there that Primark isn’t created to have the most pigmented and long lasting products! Their aim is just to sale to those who are unable to go out and spend money on the high end brands. Let me know down below if you go and get yourself this palette, or another one similar! I would love to know what your opinions are of them, along with how do you find PS products to be? Good or bad? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time lovelies, over and out. xo

4 thoughts on “Primark ‘Smoky’ Eyeshadow Palette Review 2018! ~ 24/01/18”

    1. I have to say, Primark have most definitely surprised me with their improvement regarding their makeup! Although some things I wouldn’t see myself purchasing, others are some of my daily favs! Isn’t the packaging just adorable!? xx

  1. Great post honey. ☺️ We call Primark Penney’s over in Ireland and it’s once of my fabulous shops. While I don’t wear much make up so I can’t judge their line, I do always get their eyelashes. The glue is shite but the eyelash quality is pretty good. I have to say if I was going to look for a new eyeshadow I would defiantly try out this palette.

    1. Thankyou so much Sweetie! I’ve had the same with their eyelashes too! Brilliant quality, but unfortunately their glue lets it down! Thankyou so much for the comment Darling. Keep up the great work on your blog, I love it! xx

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