Well hello everyone! Thank you so much for tuning back in for another blog post, and one I can promise you’ll love especially if you love glitter! We all do right? I Feel sorry for you people with glitter allergies but still I hope you enjoy this post. Recently I had the amazing opportunity of working with such an incredible brand. Called Prima Makeup who specialise in top quality glitters in a range of all different colours at affordable prices. I was sent “Copper Kettle” “Out of the blue” and “Hot shot pink” all of which I adore! Copper kettle is a beautiful gold colour which is perfect for going all across the lid as it isn’t too vibrant and just shows the perfect amount of dazzle. Out of the blue is amazing for just a single look or adding in the crease or if you’re daring for a transition colour. Lastly, we come to Hot shot pink. Even the name just shouts “Look at me!” and when it is applied it does exactly that. You may be looking at the size of them and thinking is that it? Honestly even for a small size you get so much use out of them. I’ve used them all numerous times and it’s not even showed. After researching I’ve gladly been reassured that they do not test on animals this to me is a huge plus as I think company’s can do so much better in their success if this is the case.


I was able to create this amazing look using these colours, and have been given many compliments on it. I’m amazed how pigmented the shades are and they defiantly last all day!

All together I’ve really enjoyed creating new looks with these colours, they’re unbelievably amazing. If you would like to purchase any products from them don’t forget to click over to their website and have a look! You won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “PrimaMakeup ‘Glitters’ Review 2017! ~ 24/02/17”

  1. This is such a stunning makeup look; your eyeshadow application skills are incredible Emily! Also, love all the shades you got sent – perfect for all year round! Can’t wait for more beauty review, loved this a lot! xxx

  2. Em, you’re absolutely amazing! I believe in you, keep working hard to achieve your dreams!

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