Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful beginning to the week. Let me know down below what you’ve been up to? So, recently I decided to collaborate with the wonderful Annie also known as ‘itscoffeeoclockblog’. We decided what better way to collab than with a night-time routine.Mine, heading towards the skin routine, and herself the daily everyday night-time routine.

First Step! Firstly after what is usually a hard tiring day I like to jump straight into the shower and relieve my skin from the everyday stresses. In the shower I like to apply a little bit of soap to my face which I then wash off with warm water. This is so dirt and unwanted bacteria is shooed away.

Second Step! Moving on, once I’m out of the shower which is usually a long process as I am addicted to them. I begin by applying some Botanic Micellar water onto a cotton pad. This is so I can quickly go over my face to help remove any excess dirt and to unclog my pores. I like to use this water because it is 3 In 1 which means it takes off makeup, unclogs pores and removes impurities. 

Third Step!  I’m very bad at not remembering to drink enough water, which means my skin has to deal with the results. I usually find dark circles show up, my skin feels flat and also I look a lot more tired. To help solve this problem I apply some NO7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser. I absolutely love this product and cannot fault it one bit! Once applied I don’t even realise it’s on unlike some creams which feel sticky and weighty. And also there is so much product which I look for especially for such a reasonable price! 

Last Step! So, last but not least on my night-time skin routine. I use my little sample from the Body Shop. Which is their Oils Of Life Cream. This cream is made so it can help you sleep, which I definitely need help with. As you do not need much at all with this product I apply just a little bit underneath my eyes and around my temples. I’ve found that this helps so much and definitely have noticed a huge difference in my skin’s appearance 16587206_1927983674097096_577711598994149996_o


And that is it! Such a simple yet effective routine. Let me know down below your night-time routine? Don’t forget to check out Annie’s blog! She’s an incredible blogger and has a good eye for beauty.  https://itscoffeeoclockblog.wordpress.com/



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