Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good day, in this special post I’m going to be showing you my night time skincare routine. This is also in collaboration with the amazing Shawnadawnx also known as Babbling Beauty. https://babblingbeauty.com/ Her take will be up on her blog very soon so make sure you check it out!

Let’s begin by saying I would be lying if I said I used this routine every single night, reason being is I usually forget or am too tired. However, when I can I try to keep up with it as much as possible. Keeping care of your skin highlights many advantages, such as reduced chance of acne, makes you feel better, gets rid of dead skin cells, and gets off any unwanted makeup left behind. When I get in from a busy day the first thing I like to do is jump into the shower. I will do my shampoo and conditioner along with the first step of my skin routine.

Using the Witch naturally clear exfoliating wash I apply a bit onto my finger-tips and begin with circular motions massaging into my face. I mainly focus around the areas which are prone to spots such as my nose, forehead and chin. After leaving on for around 10-20 seconds I will then wash off with warm water and pat dry.IMG_2175.jpg

Moving on I apply a bit of lip balm to my lips, I do this before anything else so it will have enough time to soak in before I go to bed. Lip balms help ease dry, chapped lips by creating a barrier on top of your lips’ mucus membranes, which keeps moisture in and the rest of the world out. I just hate dry lips! Anyone else the same?IMG_2199.jpg

Now, this step some of you will probably be showing a face of complete confusion. Using the Nivea hand cream I apply a bit underneath my eyes. The reason for this is because the hand cream contains Nut Oil this hydrates the skin and leaves it soft without irritating and feeling heavy like most face creams.IMG_2185.jpg

Last but not least with my cleanser which was left over from a Boot’s cleanser I apply a bit to my finger tips which I press into my under eye area, and any other parts which show signs of dryness and un-nourishment. When the skin’s fatty oils are removed, the skin loses its protection and loses moisture more easily so applying a cleanser is very important if you want that moisture to regain.IMG_2189.jpg

And that is it! The simplest Night routine you’ve probably ever seen. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. I’ll see you all soon and don’t forget to check out Babbling Beauty’s social medias

https://www.instagram.com/shawnadawnx/                                                                           babblingbeauty@yahoo.com                                                                                                       https://twitter.com/shawnadawnx                                                                                     https://www.facebook.com/babblingbeautyx

Until next time beauty’s!


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