Wow, I think I’ve finally recovered from the overwhelming sense of happiness and warmness with the responses on my most recent blog post which spoke about my depression and the way It has affected my everyday life. Whilst writing that blog post I never for a second thought it would touch so many peoples hearts, and open minds to the world unfortunately some of us have to live in. It has made me appreciate each one of your guys’ support towards the blog just that little bit more and I will forever be grateful. Thankyou!

Unfortunately, I have to slowly move from that ‘lovey’ phase and share with you my next blog post. Don’t worry it’s just as exciting and worth sticking around for!

Now, if I asked how many of you truthfully moisturise after every single shower/bath, who would raise their hands? Unfortunately I am guilty in saying I do not. But recently after reading up on all of the benefits on your body, I’ve made it my goal to moisturise daily. Did you know applying a moisturiser boosts hydration in your skin, prevents flaking and dullness, and helps create a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day. This is particularly important for people who suffer from eczema, dry skin and acne because although it won’t completely get rid of the problem areas it can reduce irritation that the skin goes through daily. Having dry skin myself I started to lose hope after most of the lotions I’d tried either made me irritate more, feel like I was caked in a sticky substance or just left me feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Until the day came where I was lucky enough to try the Natural Extracts range. Natural Extracts is determined to sell only products that are adequate for every skin type. By using ingredients that are naturally sourced, main one being Argan Oil their wish is for everyone to feel pampered and healthy without having to buy from harmful and expensive brands.

 Let’s begin by talking about their Shower gel. On the packaging they state that the product will leave you feeling cleansed and moisturised. Did I find that was the truth? The answer is yes, yes I absolutely did. I’ve been applying this every single day in my showers for the past two weeks and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way my skin smells and feels. The scent of this shower gel is quite overpowering and strong, so I would recommend only using a little bit until you get used to the smell, or mixing it in with a small amount of normal soap eg… dove. However, if you’re someone like me who can easily get past the scent then this is going to be perfect for you! Having Argan Oil in the ingredients means that your body will not have a sticky feel when you get out of the shower, this is because the oil strips away any barriers that are preventing moisture from staying in the skin. So, not only is it making you feel like you’ve just come out of a expensive pampering session, its giving your skin so many benefits! What more could you ask for?Secondly, I wanted to talk about their Hand and Body Lotion. This is what I have been using near enough everyday for my body’s moisturiser. I’m someone who suffers from dry skin, eczema and oily patches so Its been quite a difficult journey to find a lotion that will benefit me instead of causing more problems. I must admit I was quite hesitant to try this one out, mainly because I wasn’t sure the Argan Oil would help my oily areas. Well, this is where I was proved wrong straight away. Over the course of the two weeks that this has been applied i’ve noticed a huge difference in the way my skin copes throughout the day. It doesn’t crack or look stretched and tired, instead it looks smooth and feels refreshed. The only down side I would point out is the fact that if you’re only planning to use this as a hand lotion then I would see the problem occurring with the bottle being awfully large, especially if you’re wanting to throw it in your bag for the day ahead. Other than that I am in love with this lotion along with the shower gel! 

These are definitely going to be two of my favourites that I will continue to use in my morning routine. And I think you should check them out too and try them for yourselves! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I’ll see you all in my next post lovelies!

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