For years, I have been that one girl who buys endless amounts of jewellery just for it to end up two days later in the bottom of my jewellery box never to been seen or worn again. The thought of putting the same stud earrings, necklace and rings on everyday  began to exhaust me and I just wasn’t feeling the initial, happy feeling of wearing them anymore. Which resulted in a long period of time where I completely withdrew from every kind of jewellery, even at special events. However, this slowly began to change and over the course of a few months I found myself gravitating towards some magical jewels, which has somewhat changed my outlook towards the way I look. I can be feeling super disheartened by how my clothes look on my body, and yet the minute I put some cute earrings in, throw a simple necklace around my neck and slide a million and one rings on my fingers, I am ready to fight the world! (Not literally, I can’t even hold a knife without my hands getting tired.. so I wouldn’t be much use!) Although I’m still not at the point where I’m spending a ton of money on jewellery, I’ve definitely had my fair share of favourites lately. Some of which have either been thoughtfully gifted to me, or I’ve spent my own money on them! So, grab yourself a beverage of your choice, cuddle up in a warm blanket and be nosey with me whilst we take a look at my all time favourite pieces of jewellery I’ve been LOVING recently.

Rings! If you know me, then you know my holy grail item of jewellery is rings! Big, small, shiny or even metallic, whatever it may be I’m guaranteed to be wearing it. The ones I have been wearing recently are all individually special to me in different ways. The heart one, which is from pandora was gifted to me by Tiffany after I mentioned (no intention for her to buy it for me) how I was planning to purchase my first ever pandora ring. And this was the one I was planning on buying. Before I could actually make my way into the store and pick it up, Tiffany had ever so thoughtfully brought it as a gift and since then it hasn’t left my finger unless I’m in the shower, or doing some sort of messy craft. Unfortunately because I have accidentally worn it in the shower a few times, it has lost a little bit of it’s original colour. However, that is nothing that can be solved with a little bit of ring cleaner which I will be getting some of soon. The next ring is also from Pandora, and also has lost a little bit of colour because of my annoying forgetfulness! (Looks a lot worse in these pictures, I promise) This one is the Princess Tiara Ring and was purchased with my own money. I like to wear this one in front of the heart ring to act as a safety barrier, and also it just looks gorgeous! Last but not least, is my three stoned diamond ring, which I have no idea where I actually got it from, or how it ended up being one of my most worn rings to date. What I do know is that I’m constantly receiving compliments on the way it looks, and I completely agree with their love towards it. It’s simple, yet extremely classy.

Bracelets! Keeping on the lines of Pandora, we come face to face with this beauty. As we all know, one of Pandora’s most purchased and most loved pieces is their bracelets. Over the years they have been redesigned in so many different ways, that theres now one for nearly every type of personalty. For me, I wanted to stick with the original kind of design, and throughout the coming years I’m sure it will eventually be filled up with different types of charms! I would be grateful for any charm ideas you have down below! I love to wear this on the days that I’m going for a simple clothing style, because it adds that little kick if you’re not wanting too much attention but still wanting to look good enough for the public eye.

Earrings! Right, this is one that I’m always on and off with. One minute I’m totally into wearing anything from big hoop earrings to simple stud earrings, whereas on other hand I can end up becoming not interested in having anything attached to my ears. However, on the days that I have been into wearing earrings, these two sets have been my most loved! The first pair are these beautiful hoops. Although they’re quite glamorous looking, they’re also perfect if I’m just going for that simple, joggers and hoody type of vibe. Which also is the same for my next pair. They’re smaller which is perfect when I’m not wanting to receive much attention from society around me but wanting to feel that little bit more confident with the way I look. The leaf details are very dainty which means I’m not looking like a walking plant! Although, that would be a look to recreate! hehe.. 

And that is it lovelies! What’s your favourite pieces of jewellery you like to wear? and why? Do they hold a special moment in your heart, or were they just a random splurge you made one day. Whatever it may be, let me know down below as I would love to know! Thank you so much for reading my post Darlings, and I will see you all next time! xo


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