Hi Darlings! Apologies for a super messed up schedule regarding my blog lately. One minute I’m posting regularly and feeling like I have the world in my hands, ready to conquer anything that comes my way. Only to be followed by a sudden disappearance and I’m nowhere to be seen. (Usually sleeping, or eating) Luckily, you have all been super supportive of my trouble keeping up with a schedule, and I’m just happy to see that you enjoy whatever post comes up next. It really means a lot, and I’m sure when my life puts itself back on it’s rocky track I’ll begin making superb content for you all to enjoy even more. For now though I’ve got a few posts that are going to keep you occupied for the next few days, starting with today’s!

If you’re somewhat of a makeup obsessed human being, then you may have come to the realisation that finding a perfect foundation can be one huge nightmare! They’re either too dark, too light, too patchy or just too ugly. This could be down to the fact that most brands haven’t noticed that we’re not all the same four shades and there are actually people out there who are not beige, nude or even darker toned for that matter. Or, it could be because you were born with a very unique skin type which means every foundation you apply runs off like you’ve just stepped foot into the Sahara Desert and have reached a temperature humanly intolerable. I’m one of those people, which meant when I finally found a few foundations which made me look like someone who is presentable for everyday life in today’s society, I was super relieved! My current skin type takes different difficulties from each group, partly oily, dry and sensitive. This means foundations are a blooming nightmare and I always end up suffering from dry patches between my t-zone, and those tiny creases around my nose area.

Loreal Paris True Match SuperBlendable Foundation ~ £9.99


This little gem found her way into my collection from my Mum’s, and I’m not even ashamed to say I haven’t brought it up into conversation if she would like it back yet or not. Eh, I’m sure she’ll remember it’s missing and come straight to me as her first culprit. I am aware L’oreal have been claimed by the industry to have tested on animals which is why once I find a very similar foundation to this I will not be repurchasing solely because I am transitioning into becoming completely cruelty free over the next year, and sadly these brands will no longer be of interest to me. Whilst we wait for that day to arrive I want to begin by talking about the insane formula of this foundation, and how it has become my go to one of all time. Due to having the finest of pigments, invisible to the naked eye it means you’re left with a near weightless feeling and the skin is able to lock in just enough moisture to keep the face looking hydrated and healthy throughout the day! This is the one I go for if I’m either in a rush or just don’t want to have the hassle of blending for what seems many, many hours. Don’t you just hate that?! Although it has been created to have little to no weight, you can still get a very good coverage from this and have the option of rocking a simple everyday look or a glam, full coverage one. Either way, this foundation is perfect for those indecisive days!

Max Factor X Colour Adapt Foundation ~ £9.99


The next foundation I want to talk about is one that I have encountered a love hate relationship with. One minute, it is giving me flawless skin throughout the day and then the next I’m screaming at the fact my face looks like I’ve battled my way through a jungle filled with excited monkeys. Not attractive in the slightest! The reason why I brought this foundation in the first place was because it was designed to adapt to my natural skin tone, I don’t know how but obviously by using some sort of wizardry! Yes, it does work but I would say it is not for a hectic and hard grafting day ahead as it seems to separate by the time your skin reaches the sixth/seventh hour of wear. However, when I am wanting a full coverage look for a few hours this is one I grab straight away without a doubt! 92% of women find this foundation matches their individual skin tones, which is a huge percentage compared to other brand’s formulas.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Foundation ~ £12.99


Last but not least we have my final favourite!

Being in front of the camera for certain types of images usually requires certain qualities in makeup products. For example, having a photo ready foundation allows your face to not have a flashback effect which makes you look like you’ve turned into Caspar the ghost. This is because photochromatic pigments bend and diffuse light to help erase every flaw and discolouration of the skin. One of the most talked about blogging foundations is the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect, and I can totally understand why it is loved by so many beauty fanatics! Although at first it feels thicker than most enjoyable formulas, over the day it sinks into your skin resulting in a complete yet undetectable coverage with a luminous finish. Perfect for all occasions that you know a camera is going to be your best friend for most of the day!

Overall I’ve found some really good foundations these past few months, and I see myself continuing to use them for a while! Have you found any formulas that you live by? What makes them so good? Let me know down below! Until next time lovelies xo



6 thoughts on “My Favourite Foundations In March/April 2018! ~ 28/04/18”

  1. I hate shopping for foundation. I am currently using one from clinique but id like to try another brand. Thank you for sharing. I am liking the Revlon photoready!

    1. I’m exactly the same Darling! It’s such a pain at times, but hopefully you’ll find a perfect match soon! You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the post, have a wonderful day!😘xoxo

  2. Great post! I always used to use the L’Oreal True Match foundation and loved it! I had to switch though, because I switched to using only cruelty free cosmetics. I use the Fenty Beauty one now, a bit more expensive but absolutely adore it 🙂

    1. Thankyou so much for the lovely comment! I’m slowly switching to cruelty free after a few failed attempts, hopefully I’ll get there by the end of this year, I’m already feeling and seeing the benefits of changing! Have a lovely day Darling 😘 xoxo

    1. Good luck Alice! Let me know if you find any good foundations on your travels. Thankyou for the lovely comment Darling😘 xoxo

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