Hello everyone and welcome back to another Blog-post! Have you ever been confronted by so many perfumes that picking one to wear is extremely difficult?  I too have that problem every single day. However luckily for me there are four perfumes in particular that are amazing and have been making their way up the ‘Wear It Ladder’. To help some of you guys on finding some new purchases I thought I would show you my top four favourite perfumes so maybe you can have a much easier time on picking.

Let’s begin by talking about one perfume which is incredibly important to me, this was kindly brought as a present from my boyfriend. Divine Idol is retailed at anywhere between £13-£20. A very elegant scent at a very reasonable price if I must say!  If you are looking for a smell which captivates flowers, spring and overall joy this is the perfume for you! Even the bottle shouts Look at me!IMG_2666.jpg

Next we move onto Gold Digga. I’ve had this perfume for quite a while now, and still fall in love with it every-time. I did get this for a Christmas present so I don’t know exactly how much it was purchased for but after researching the retail price is around £10-£13. If you’re in need of a scent which is going to catch people’s attention and make heads turn this is definitely for you! It’s still got so much use left after practically spraying pumps and pumps everyday.IMG_2654.jpg

Thirdly another one of my favorites has been Only For You. This beauty was brought as a gift from one of my friends! It’s so handy to just throw into my purse. And is an excellent travel size companion. The smell reminds me of a fresh Summer’s day. The bottle reminds me of that too! This is such a different style and has such a unique scent. £5-£10IMG_2672.jpgLast but not least, we save an old goody! Even though this was not originally mine. My mum defiantly let me have a beautiful product. Mirella Dreams is a perfume unlike no other. The bottle straight away draws you into a delightful fantasy and then the scent continues that. Although this one isn’t well know anymore I definitely recommend it and I wish more perfumes were out in stores like this one! Perfect for evening wear. The price is retailed at around £15-£22IMG_2646.jpg

And that is it! I really hope this post inspires you to purchase any of these perfumes! Have a wonderful day and I’ll speak soon. Keep smiling!

-Emily xo



4 thoughts on “My Favourite September Perfumes 2016! ~ 05/09/16”

  1. Heya! I’m just browsing the web, trying to find where I can buy another mirella dreams perfume (I too was given it by my mother) and I literally cant find a single place! Any ideas? Awesome blog btw 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m so sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I purchased that perfume a few years ago now, so it’s very unlikely that shops will still have any stock left of it. You could always try Amazon, as I know people are always putting ‘old’ perfumes they no longer use on there! Sorry for not being much help! If I find any I will be sure to let you know. Thankyou very much! and thank you for stopping by 🙂

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