Hello my lovelies! How are you? I really hope you all have had a wonderful week, and it’s not been to hard to get through! Unfortunately for me, it’s been one of those weeks where I’m deciding either to live on Mars for a while in order to escape the chaos around me, or just biting my tongue and crawling my way through the day. Mars sounds like the better option right now, however I haven’t quite grasped the skills of getting there. If anybody knows, please send me a message and I’ll be forever grateful!

Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been allowing stress to overrule my mind and body, which has been showing in many different ways. For example, remember my post when I spoke about always having a friend on my face… well now I’m waking up to a whole group of them. I don’t know what kind of party they’re having, but it’s not a fun one! especially not for me. I’ve also been feeling very tired, and although that isn’t something unusual for me it definitely happens more when I’m stressed. This might also be down to the fact that my sleeping schedule is beyond questionable. My bedtime can vary anywhere between 9pm to the stupid hours that is 4 or even 5am! I’ve tried sleeping tablets, meditation, a hot drink before settling down and none of which seem to stop this from happening. If any of you darlings have any suggestions, please leave them down below! I’m up for anything and everything. Basically stress is just a big pain in the backside to shift sometimes, and thats when I have to force myself to stop for a second, take a deep breath and start focusing on me. After all, the most important outcome in this, is making sure I’m still opening my eyes every day ready to take on another adventure. This week I wanted to do a little something In order to help not only myself but hopefully some of you guys find some ways to defeat the big bully, which is stress. I’m going to be sharing with you my strategies that I go through to try and get through a week as stress free as humanly possible. So, as it is Monday let’s jump straight into the first post shall we? Grab a drink, cuddle up in your blankets and enjoy!

The mind and skin are connected, just like if you were to put a hoover together, everything you pick up goes straight into the compartment at the bottom. Which is the same for your mind. Everything your mind takes in, will have an effect on your skin. For example, if you’re eating the right amount of healthy foods and exercising regularly with a positive mindset for the day, this will give your skin an increase chance of looking cleaner and more refreshed! Whereas if you allowed your mind to be full of negative, unwanted thoughts then your skin is more likely to suffer from this. I’m not saying this is easy to change, because trust me I’m still finding it a huge challenge to overcome. But! this doesn’t mean we can’t try different ways to enhance our skins appearance and health. For example, allowing a morning or night to give your face a complete cleanse and clean will more than likely change the way you feel in yourself and hopefully will make you feel that little bit more confident as you look into the mirror every morning. Although, let me just point out you are not defined by how your body or skin looks. Everybody is beautiful, no matter how many spots they may have or how much tightness their skin shows. It’s about what’s inside that counts! I’ve seen so many people drop their heads in shame and sadness as they see their body and it breaks my heart. No-one should feel like just because their body isn’t on the scale as what society deems as ‘perfect’, they’re no longer allowed to breath on this planet.

Before I begin this post, I just want to quickly put a message out there to anyone who is going through that thought process right now. Your heart, mind and lungs are what makes you be who you are today. Everything else, is just the protection for those things. So, forget the extra skin that may hang from your stomach, forget the spots that may never leave and forget the bold patches that cover your head. I don’t want anyone to go to bed at night, wondering why they can’t just be good enough. The only thing that is good enough is having a beating heart, working lungs and a mind that can get you through those thoughts. You’re you, and you’re beautiful no matter what the media and society says, I promise! Including any males out there, you’re not less good looking just because you might not be able to afford a better haircut or someone has bigger muscles. You’re you, and thats ok!

Enough squishy talk, let’s get straight into the first post! Which is going to be sharing with you my routine for a let down the hair, close the books and unwind kind of hour. This is where I give my face the much needed therapy it deserves after an exhausting week or day!IMG_0055

Fιrѕт Sтep ~ Faceмaѕĸ! This is the step that I by far enjoy the most! My choice of mask varies, anywhere from a cheap 99p one from boots, to a more expensive one from Debenhams (which, let me just add are totally worth the extra few pounds!) Any of which seem to work just the same at relieving my skin from any hidden impurities and those annoying clogged pores! I like to leave it on for anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on how badly I feel my skin needs the extra help.IMG_0021IMG_0025IMG_0024

Second Sтep ~ Cleanѕιng oilѕ/waтer!  Both of my cleansing waters are drugstore and purchased at an affordable price, which can have it’s advantages along with plenty of disadvantages. However so far these have proved to be nothing but brilliant at helping to put that loss of moisture back into my skin. With a cotton pad I firstly apply the Garnier Micealler water all over my face, making sure to get right into the cracks that may be missed. These include around my nose, in the corners of my mouth and around my eyes (not to near though!) This is then followed by the Boot’s very own cleansing oil which is again applied with a cotton pad all over the face. Mainly focusing on the cheek bone areas and chin!IMG_0030IMG_0034IMG_0035IMG_0037

Tнιrd Sтep ~ Creaмѕ, creaмѕ and мore creaмѕ!  Ok, maybe the title is a bit of a lie because I basically only use one moisturiser. Sometimes I like to become a bit of a dare devil and use two, but for the majority of the time I just stick with using one. With the moisturiser I like to apply a generous amount to my fingertips and In circular motions massage it into the skin. Using windscreen wiper motions I push out towards the edge of my face with a firm but gentle touch. And then I just leave it to absorb in and air dry!IMG_0045IMG_0050IMG_0051

Foυrтн Sтep ~ Iт’ѕ jυѕт тнe eхтra deтaιl! Last but not least I begin crashing my little friends’ party, which has been going on for far too long! By doing so, I like to grab my Witch Blemish Stick and generously go over any areas that are spot prone, or any little bits of redness that may one day be home to a spot. It’s like a witches spell in a little tube!IMG_0061.jpg

It’s that simple, and yet I’m able to feel a lot more refreshed and calm after this hour takes place. The simple things in life can have the biggest impact! How does your deep cleansing time go? Let me know down below, as I’m always up for new products to try! Enjoy this post? Join me here tomorrow for another post based around giving your body, mind and skin a break! Which we all need sometimes. Hope you have a wonderful day lovelies, big hugs and I’ll see you all tomorrow! xo



4 thoughts on “My Deep Cleansing Face Routine | Giving your body a break 2018! ~ 04/02/18”

  1. Another great post Emily! I’m definetley in need of a pampering day/night and I will be trying out some of these products! 😁 keep up the good work it’s a pleasure to read. Xx

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! That’s great that you’re eager to try out some of these products! good luck 🙂 xo

  2. Great post dear!

    Some tips I use to fall asleep: This sounds useless but watching tv or something on your phone while in bed. The tell always knocks me out and I never finish what I was watching. Also opening and closing my eyes a few times in a row normally makes them tired and sleepy. Music and a good podcast also help 🙂

    I’ve been looking around for a cleansing routine and I’m so glad I found this post. Very helpful and I’m defiantly going to get myself some of these products 😉

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