16252481_1922079471354183_1329864907816012791_oI’m doing quite good at this blogging thing. Let’s just ignore the fact that I didn’t blog for a whole month. We all have bad days or in my case many bad days. Anyways, recently I celebrated my birthday. One reason as to why I took a break. So as most of you have realised by now I have a small obsession with perfumes. When I specify small I basically mean I own near enough 20 perfumes which I overwhelmingly spray daily. Knowing this, one of my sisters kindly brought me a new perfume to add to my ever-expanding collection. And let me just add it’s one of the most amazing smells I’ve ever come across. J-LO also known as the famous Jennifer Lopez came out with a fragrance in the year of 2013. JLove is classified as a Floral and Fruity fragrance which releases scents such as, raspberry, frozen pineapple, pink grapefruit, and tangerine that develop into the fondness of a lovely floral heart featuring coconut orchid, water-lily and Tahitian tiare flower. With so many different kinds of smells you might think that it can become quite heavy and musky. However that’s not the case. Because even though the perfume lasts all day, the fruits are not harsh meaning that it’s a very easy scent to wear. J-Lo has always felt strongly about love whether in her music or her movies or fragrances it has always played the centre theme and for this reason has decided to name the new fragrance JLove which is retailed at the price of £9.99 ~ £11.95. ($20.99) I strongly suggest you purchase this perfume and try it out because honestly you wont regret it! And if you do you can blame me. 16178978_1922079114687552_2755101348645647161_o16143610_1922079118020885_2825240736048631852_o16143466_1922079494687514_7474751595389303453_oThankyou so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know down below your cherished perfume and why? I will see you all very soon guys and don’t forget to keep smiling! Bye bye.


2 thoughts on “JLove Perfume Review 2017! ~ 26/01/17”

    1. Thankyou! It really is a beautiful perfume for any ages!
      Isn’t it just great! makes me feel all cosy and autumnal 🙂 xx

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