I guess as a little child you don’t get told about all of the obstacles that life will eventually throw at you. Some jump them without any help, some leave with a few scuffs and then there are some who have to redo the same jump a million times before they perfectly clear it. However what we don’t realise is there are some people who don’t even look at the obstacle because they’re petrified of the outcome. Or petrified about how others might react. At times the world can feel like the loneliest place to live in, the thought of getting up and making it through another day can make you cringe with disgust which results in you falling back onto your pillow for another day in silence. Everyday might feel like the hardest battle to fight, and that the war is going to last forever.  It might take a thousand attempts to believe in yourself, to believe that you can go out of the door get called a name and take it with a pinch of salt. Someone once told me that the door to happiness is always open, it just takes courage to finally enter that place and shut the door forever. It could mean you being happy for a long time but having to stumble back to the place of sadness. You don’t do this because you’ve failed you’re doing this because the going got tough and thats ok! I don’t care who you are, if you’ve made mistakes in your life, if you’re a different race or you love the same gender. None of that matters to me because the only thing out of all of those that matters is that you’re going to be ok. The future is a scary place, because none of us know where we’re going but what you need to know is everything’s going to be ok. It might mean in the end you’re exhausted, empty, and fed up but the thing is you’ve done it! That’s the proudest feeling anyone can feel.

I believe in each and everyone of you.

Thank you so much for the support you guys are amazing! What does the word happy mean to you? Heres some meanings I received from people.

“The feeling of contentment and being comfortable!”

“Having family, a best friend and friends and having

someone to really be there”

“Well I think happy means when you feel good about your self and everything going how you want it, and you feel on top of the world!

True happiness comes when you have true friends”

“Feeling content with life, who I have around me and the moment I’m living in”

“When you are doing something you love. it doesn’t have to be anything huge, it’s just what happiness to me is. being happy could also expand into other feelings like love, euphoria, being excited, being proud, etc.

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