Hello my lovelies! I wanted to do something a little different, and yet still fitting in with the theme (I think I have a theme?) of my blog. Which is specified towards beauty, lifestyle and makeup. Yes, I thought I would give you a selection. As young teenagers and even adults we are faced with the “Perfect person” on the daily, either by magazines, peers, celebrities, even by people on the street. This is something I struggle with a lot. Finding courage in myself to be confident and happy about my image is a very hard hurdle to jump. Let’s begin, with the word perfect which has never been completely defined. Just passed around hoping it will get a definition. Most of us perceive that word as being size O, having the latest trend in our wardrobe, having the hottest brows (which I definitely don’t grasp) and having the perfect figure. However, is perfect really any of those? I have never been a slim girl, I’ve never had the trends sorted and most definitely don’t have the perfect figure. In the 1950’s If you took an iconic figure, for example Marilyn Monroe she never had any of them either however we still classed her as one of the most prettiest, graceful, upbeat women in History. How come that’s changed? How come today if we don’t fit into that criteria then we are not suitable for this society? Is it because the use of social media is on the increase, is it because brands like Victoria’s Secret, Chanel and many more have only classed thin as beautiful. Or is it because the way we see ourselves? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see someone who is ambushed by comments about your weight, do you see somebody who can’t reach the height of the models which are seen on the runway. If you do, take a deep breath and step away. Don’t throw hatred onto yourself just because of other people’s views and opinions. We weren’t put onto this earth to be like everyone else, if we were surely we would’ve all been made the same? We was put here to be unique. To be ourselves. 2016 is definitely not the easiest time to live in. It’s not easy waking up every morning and feeling like you’re worth something. However, we can change that. We can change the thoughts of many young people. By just showing that perfection isn’t the negatives. It’s the positives in which you see within yourself. Next time someone posts a selfie with flawless hair, flawless makeup. Don’t be jealous and don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t be upset that you don’t have the latest MAC lipstick in your ownership. Because you’re you, you’re you for a reason and not for anyone else. Like I said, I struggle with this on a daily, yet if I can find a way to look beneath the unwritten truth then I believe you can as well!

Today isn’t about worrying about tomorrow. And tomorrow isn’t about worrying what happened yesterday. Let’s all do today! And show that there’s no perfect, just unique.

Bye bye loves! Hope this helped any of you struggling out there


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