Hello lovelies, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you! My life has just been a mad rollercoaster that seems to have lost it’s breaks, and slowing down just isn’t an option yet. However! In the midst of the craziness I have fortunately been able to grab some opportunities to think of a number of new blog post ideas and snap a few photos here and there. Which means for the next few weeks your quench for more posts will be more than satisified. 

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a big enthusiast for lipsticks whether that’s a casual nude or going down the devious alley of purples and reds, they’re definitely one product that I’m not short of in my collection. In spite of this I still haven’t grasped the art of applying it correctly without foolishly looking like the Joker on a night out. Yes, this is by the girl who’s first word was probably foundation. (Ok.. ok! it wasn’t, but wouldn’t that be pretty cool!) I can honestly say throughout my time as a makeup fanatic I’ve never been able to find a brand that is adequate to my interminable needs. For example I find it very difficult to work with a formula that has a insensitively approach to application, feeling like you’ve just wiped sandpaper across your lips isn’t a pleasant feeling especially if you’re wearing that colour for a long period of time. And can someone tell me how some of the darkest lipsticks can magically turn invisible only after five minutes of applying? If I wanted that look I would’ve just brought a clear chapstick. For everyone who thinks my moaning will last forever, you can now rest easily at night because a saviour of a brand has recently come to my rescue.

You guessed it! It is indeed the ever so loved Freedom, with their mesmerising colours and captivating formulas how could they not be my favourite brand for creating such desirable products? A few years ago on Christmas morning I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of pro lipsticks and straight away fell in love.  One thing that I’ve always appreciated from Freedom themselves is the enlightening fact that they do not test on animals. If you don’t know recently I have travelled to the world of cruelty free and I’m definitely feeling much better for it, however that does sadly mean a lot of my products I’ve loved throughout the years wil not be repurchased. Luckily for these beauty’s they will definitely be back in my collection after they’ve run out along with many other Freedom products.

So, what do I think of these lipsticks? First of let’s highlight everything about the formula. When I first applied these to my lips I was shocked by how smooth and delicate they are. I honestly forgot I had such a pigmented colour on throughout the day because of how softening they become. This however does have a slight disadvantage, which is sometimes they can fade off after a few hours but only by the slightest! Nothing that can’t be topped up or patted out. I do find Red colours are the hardest to manage throughout the day because of how pigmented they are which means lots of cutips and makeup remover wipes are usually needed. However to my surprise these are far from messy and complex and have definitely become the easiest lipsticks I’ve come to use.

I also want too talk about the packaging. Freedom have always been keen on using less materials to package their products because of their admiration for the world around us. They don’t want to use things that aren’t going to benefit them or their products. They are not heavily written on and the logo is easy to see but doesn’t take away from the lipstick itself, also what does this is the beautiful sleek and polished black holders and lids. Without adding too much detail Freedom have been able to make these beauty’s look more expensive and high branded than they actually are! I don’t think many company’s can do this without messing up along the way. Having these in my collection for a few years and using them on frequently basis I’m astonished by how much product is still left, as you can see by the pictures they still look not far from brand new and they still feel like that too. Well done Freedom! Too round up this review I think we can all say that I’m in love with these gems! yes, they’re not perfect but no product is right? If you’re looking for some affordable new purchases at only £5 for all five then I would definitely recommend for you to pull out your purses, head down to your local Superdrug and add these to your collection. They even come in lot’s more colours if you’re not so keen on the ones I’ve shown today.

Let me know down below what your favourite lipstick is right now and why? I’m always looking for new brands to sneak into my makeup collection. Have an amazing day lovelies! See you tomorrow.

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