Hi Lovelies! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve properly sat down and wrote a detailed post for you guys. How are you all?

Most of you know me for loving anything and everything to do with makeup. However, recently I’ve noticed my ethusiasm with makeup has declined dramatically, and I’m just not wearing it as much. This has been a very slow progress, and in the past I would never have be seen outside the door without at least my eyebrows, and face sorted.  Now I’m able to feel comfortable without masking my face with endless products, and yet still enjoy the fun and excitement behind creating new looks or just ensuring my appearance looks a bit presentable. This all starts with my simple yet effective  everyday makeup routine!

Foundation ~ After I moisturise and prime my face, I begin the routine by applying foundation. This step isn’t always crucial, as I like to allow my skin to breath and stay healthy from time to time. however, when I do decide to have this part in my routine my go to product is the L’oreal true match Super-blendable foundation. Over the past year I have really struggled with finding a full coverage yet natural finish in a foundation, and so when I came across this one I was instantly relieved. Not only is the pigmentation highly visible, but I’m able to wear this for a long period of time and there is no sign of separation and discolouration by the end of the day!

Setting powder ~ To ensure my foundation stays in place all day, I like to apply a generous amount of translucent powder to the T-zone and any oily areas on my face. If I’m feeling like I don’t need a lot of help throughout those hours I will usually just apply a compact setting powder. The loose powder I’ve been loving recently is from NO7.

Bronze and contour After all of that hustle and bustle I tend to find that I look like casper the friendly ghost, and although he is very cute that isn’t the look I like to go for. To add a little bit of colour to my apparently invisible features, I go into my NYX Matte bronzer and apply a good amount to my cheekbones and any other areas that will naturally catch the sun. I know I tend to go overboard on this step and I usually get carried away until I’m looking in the mirror and my face looks like I’ve stepped foot in a building site! I’ve learnt a little goes a long way, especially with NYX’s products. My favourite applicator to use for this step is the Revolution contour brush.

Eyeshadow ~ The part which I know a lot of people live for is the eyeshadow! Although this is my minimal every day routine, I still like to have a little bit of colour on my lids. Especially if I’m running on little to no sleep, which is basically every night! This Fall In Love palette from BarryM has been one of my most used products I’ve been loving this month. Although BarryM is sadly not cruelty free, I’ve been using it up as much as I can so that I can hopefully find a cruelty free replacement when I’ve hit pan. So, how do I achieve a easy everyday look you ask? Well, I start with one of my thousand and one brushes, which I use to apply the white shadow across my whole lid, this is what makes me look like I’ve had more than enough hours worth of sleep. This is then followed by the coffee shade, which I apply in the crease and if I’m feeling daring up to the brow bone. Last but not least, with the cocoa brown shade I put a little bit in my outer corner and blend outwards. This is what makes my eyes look bigger and again, more awake!

Mascara and brows ~  Finding the perfect Mascara has been the bane of my life for a very long time. I don’t have much luck when finding one that either doesn’t clump, or will not stick my eyes together. Not pleasant in the slightest! To my luck, I was able to find this Maybelline Push Up Angel mascara. The brush is perfect for gripping to my lashes and creating volume along with definition, also can we just take a minute to be mesmerised over the beautiful purple packaging. Perfect for a princess!
My brows are my lively hood. However I’m not so overly keen on them when they grow out to the point that I’m being mistaken for a boy. But all together they make me happy, and I think if we can find one thing on our bodies that make us happy, go along with it. After all for most girls, thats rare. Sometimes I like to take time on my brows, and go all Essex girl with them – but for the most part I just use a brow gel to help tame the little stragglers and keep them at bay for the rest of the hours ahead. The one I’ve been loving recently is Brow This Way by Rimmel. Simple yet super effective, especially if I’m rushed for time!That concludes my very minimal, everyday makeup routine! I know for most of you this would be overly time consuming and pointless, however for me especially after being that girl who spends over an hour just for a simple look. I definitely think I’ve improved, and in time I’m hoping I’ll be able to condense it a lot more! Let me know down below what one product you can’t leave the house without, and why is it your favourite?

Until next time lovelies, bye! xo

7 thoughts on “Everyday Minimal Makeup Routine 2018! ~ 05/02/18”

  1. That eyeshadow really looks pretty! Truth be told I usually only use concealer, eyepencil, setting powder & lipstick. Loved reading about your daily make-up routine <3

  2. I think I use even less make-up than you. Though I have added a bright red lipstick to my routine. I love it when people have these minimal make-up routines. 🙂 I only wear concealer, setting powder, eyepencil/eyeliner and the bright red lipstick. I only wear mascara when I go out or have a photoshoot. (If I have bad skin while a photoshoot is planned, I’ll allow myself to wear some foundation too). Anyway; Great post!

    1. Thankyou so much Angel! Sounds like a great routine, I sometimes add in the pop of eyeliner if I’m feeling up to it! 🙂
      Have a great day Darling xoxo

  3. I have been looking for a new brow gel to try, the Rimmel one sounds great! I might have to try this! I am the same, for a day to day makeup look I find myself going more minimalistic! This means I can really go to town for special occasions!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I definitely recommend this brow gel. It’s super affordable too, let me know what you think if you do try it 🙂
      Take care Darling xoxo

  4. I love reading easy makeup routines. It’s always neat to see what products/techniques other people use! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the No. 7 products 🙂


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