Well, hello strangers! I’m so sorry I have been un-active from the blog recently. So much has happened in my life, which has pulled my attention elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you. How could I ever do that, aye?!

Recently I’ve been obsessed, when I say obsessed I literally mean OBSESSED with the website https://www.etsy.com. Etsy is a site that focuses on allowing people from all over the world to sale their handmade or vintage items. This means when you buy from one of the creators, you’re supporting a small business. Managing your own small business is time consuming, at times very stressful and not forgetting very exciting. So every penny counts towards growing their success in the world of creating!

After keeping up with SprinkleOfGlitter’s and BrummyMummyof2’s obsession regarding anything stationary and organisation. I’ll admit I’ve grown to become a little bit of an organisation freak. This also means I’ve started to increase my stationary collection, with the help of Etsy. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of collecting greeting, birthday and all different types of cards, just incase I ever have that friend who needs a little surprise pick me up in the post!   The first seller I came across was Jemma Humphreys, also known as DorkFace. I’ve followed Jemma for quite some time on Twitter and so I knew her illustrations were nothing less than beautiful! I can safely say there hasn’t been one purchase from her that I have regretted buying. So, when I had the idea to purchase some more cards, I knew Jemma was going to be the first on my list of people to check out. When I came across her hand designed multi-pack of animal birthday cards I knew I had to quickly grab my bank card and purchase them straight away! Especially with my little nieces birthday coming up in March, these are perfect for a little girl who is obsessed with animals and lots of colours! The pack contains one bear, cat and fox card with matching envelopes all rounding up to a total of £4.50 plus shipping. I love ’em!

 The next purchases were made from a seller called QuirkyCardsbyCWL. I knew I just had to get these because I was in hysterics when I saw the phrases she had written on the cards. Yes, some are not for the eyes of young children but if you’re able to stomach the cheesy, sarcastic humour then these are perfect for you! If you have a friend or family member that has been having a hard time recently, then receiving one of these in the post is bound to make them chuckle or just question why you’re such a strange human being. But strange is ok, right!? Both cards came to a total of £4.00 plus the extra few pounds for shipping. Which I think is perfect for such well thought out creations.

(censored, you could probably guess what the word is!) If you would like to buy from any of these amazing humans then go ahead and check them out on the links below! And don’t forget to search deeper in the community, because there are so many talented creators wanting to share their products with you! And maybe you can start your own small business too? if you have one already link it below because I would love to check it out!

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/QuirkyCardsbyCWL                                               https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DorkfaceShop?ref=l2-shopheader-name

    Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies!


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