Hey everyone! So, it’s been a hot minute since I last made a post about the wonderful world of beauty. Today I’m going to be continuing on with my recent series I created, which I talk about all different types of brushes. Whether it be face brushes, lip brushes or even eye brushes there are many to choose from and can lead to a moment of madness especially when you have no clue as to what they’re used for. After recently talking about some of the different types of face brushes, today I’m going to be diving on into eye brushes. 

Flat Tapered Brush! A tapered brush is usually flat, rounded, and dense so it can pick up and apply a lot of shadow. It will give your lids a smooth finish and more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would. 16487413_1927982207430576_9061748663571598153_o

Sponge Applicator! Although these are sometimes looked upon in disgrace and thought to be nothing but a useless bit of material. I strongly believe everyone should have at least one in their makeup bag. If you’re someone like me who likes densely packed on shadow then this brush does exactly that. The face is so small that when applying eyeshadow it has nowhere else to hide unlike blending brushes, etc. Meaning it makes the eyeshadow stand out more!


Thin Eyeliner Brush! Even though this isn’t classed as an eyeshadow brush, it’s still a must-have when creating a look. Most of us like to throw on the odd flick and having the perfect brush is a necessity. Nobody wants a bad cat wing right? My favourite one to use is the MAC 210. I can honestly say the bristles are so compact that you don’t have to worry about messy mistakes.


Blending Brush! After creating a wonderful masterpiece we usually end up with a blending disaster so to beat that having a blending brush or a shading brush on hand means you are able to make the colours easier to transition. Which makes the look more neater. 

16601635_1927982370763893_1203566543156745037_oAnd that’s it, I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what your must-have brushes are and why you like them? Until next time. Bye! 


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