For a few months charcoal face treatments have found themselves flooding the beauty community and leading everyone into a whole new dimension. Some say it’s pointless and money wasting. However, some say it’s a life changing invention that has completely revolutionised their every day routine. If you’re sat in front of the computer screen wondering what on earth I’m talking about, then worry no further! Over the course of many years, scientists and trained medical staff have used charcoal for different types of medical purposes. For example, they have used this ingredient when removing the toxins from stomachs of drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning. With this in mind, many companies have began involving charcoal into their products in the hope that it will remove such toxins from not just internal parts of the body but also their skin. Imagine one of your parents plugging in a hoover and running it across your face, this is a similar impact that the charcoal has on the skin. Of course, without the pain, noise and a blinding headache!

Now we have gone over the main aim of this new type of product, lets talk about the different forms that it comes in. Firstly, there is the one that started the whole controversy that we’re still reminded of daily. Yes ladies and gentleman, the black peel face mask. The point of this was to be only applied onto the T-zone area. (Forehead and down the nose) However, most people ignored this and began covering their whole face with the black substance, which they later found to regret after it left severe pain and redness. One tip for you.. follow what the packaging says before you listen to that little voice in your head! Although they did find it to remove the blackheads and dirt.. just in the wrong places. Next is the simple face scrub, designed to be part of your shower/bathtime routine. Throughout the day your skin naturally picks up dirt and impurities from everyday life, which eventually begins clogging up your pores and gifting you with some new friends! This was why the face scrub was designed, to be a simple yet effective way of ending lives of many unwanted spots. It’s pain free, cheap and easy to apply!
Still on the subject of masks, they have also produced a clay mask. Unlike the face scrub which is only meant to stay on the skin for no longer than a minute. The clay mask is applied just like a usual face mask, left to dry and then washed off with warm water. Whilst it is left to dry, the ingredients get to work by absorbing excess oils, deeply cleansing the skin and drawing out deep-rooted dirt. Some people complain that this certain type of mask gets tight very quickly, this is a completely normal part of the process. The tighter it gets means that the charcoal is drawing out more dirt and blackheads. A nasty thought, but helpful in the long run!
Last but not least is the most recent type of a charcoal product. Bioré recently came out with the Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar. Designed to draw out deep rooted dirt and oil for 2.5x* cleaner pores. Plus the infusion of jojoba beads and peppermint means that this bar gently exfoliates the skin and later leaves a smooth, fresh feeling. You simply lather into hands and then wash over the body and face. Or you could just use a flannel, either way it works and leaves a worthy finish!Do you think you would like to try out a charcoal product? Let me know down below your thoughts and opinions! Until next time darlings, bye! xo

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    1. Thankyou!! Isn’t it just amazing? I definitely am a fan of this new craze!💖 Thankyou for the lovely comment as per usual Darling😘 xoxo

    1. Thankyou for the comment Chloe! I haven’t tried the Charcoal toothpaste yet, is it worth trying out? Have a great day Darling😘xoxo

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