As humans we’ve become oblivious to the words of appreciation, and observant to the world of negativity and hate. Our own minds aren’t listened too, instead we gravitate towards the opinions of other people which gives them the acceptance to define who we become in life.

“I have diagnosed Emily with depression” The world felt motionless for those few seconds that I saw the words written in front of me. Was I now defined as stupid and worthless to society? Does this mean I’m going to fail at succeeding in my life goals? Those two questions were among many that entered my mind in that time span. I’d had a suspicion depression was going to be the diagnosis eventually, because I’d began seeing more darkness than any light. It was like the sun had took shelter behind a cloud and it wasn’t planning to come out any time soon. As a young child you don’t expect to eventually have these evil thoughts and controlling memories enter your mind. No matter how fast you try to run from them you are just stuck, stuck in the same position watching the world carry on without you. People try to tell you that you need to grow up and move on, that depression is just a ‘thing’ that will eventually go. When in fact it’s not just a page that you can rip out and never read again. It’s part of the book, no matter how hard you try to move on it’ll always be there. Be there reminding you of every mistake, bad relationship, lost friendships and broken self esteem that ever occurred in your life. A few years ago I had something happen to me that would change my whole life forever and begin this adventure that I am now battling through.

Having Achondroplasia Its known I’m going to need frequent operations throughout the course of my life. At eleven years old the day came where I was undergoing my next operation, simply to have a ICP monitor for one day which would measure the pressure in my head. Recovery was a few days and I was expected to leave the hospital within a week. Great right!?

Not exactly, because halfway through the operation my surgeon had hit a nerve in my brain which was not meant to be there. This caused the biggest bleed the hospital had ever seen in twenty years. Every second was at stake whilst the theatres were shut down so every doctor, anaesthetist, nurse and professional could help try to save this little girls life. After three blood transfusions, suffering from a stroke, being placed into an induced coma because I was unable to control my body from the tiring fits and having to go onto life support. The surgeon had lost a big chunk of hope for any chance of survival. With tears entering his eyes, the words which no person wants to say to a parent came out of his mouth. “I’m giving Emily two minutes, it’s not looking hopeful so please don’t hold onto too much hope”. At this point goodbyes were on the top of everyones minds, because any chance of me walking through the door smiling and talking again was beginning too fade from family, friends and the teams minds. However, that little girl who was fighting for the bit of life that she loved, proved everyone wrong and became stable. Still not out of danger the surgeons took every chance to bring me back from that cave of darkness, and so they did. It not only made me loose parts of who I was but I’d lost my lock for any emotional security that I’d once had. Suddenly having to control intense mood swings, regaining any bit of confidence that had disappeared and learning to talk and walk again was something that took me a very long time to come to terms with. I didn’t know who I was anymore, I was exhausted and I just wanted to smile again whilst actually believing I was happy. Instead, I wasn’t. I just had a shell that was empty inside. No hope, no happiness and no courage for who I wanted to become. Counsellors, therapists, friends, family and the school all tried to help me understand that I was going to be ok and that I’m allowed to move on from the bad that had happened. But, I stayed numb to everyones words and shut myself from most of the world around me. I just wanted to be alone, I just wanted to sit down and deal with the pain without other people feeling the same feelings.

Most days the curtains would be drawn, my bed would be my safe place and the darkness would be a occurring safety net to me. I had lost my friends, I was struggling to maintain any focus at school and I was having intense thoughts of wanting it just too be over. I didn’t look at myself in the mirror for roughly three months after the day, because I couldn’t bare to see the person that I had now become. Who was I? to me I was no-one, and I didn’t want people to be around that ‘no-one’. I would say stuff that I didn’t mean to people and then be left with anger towards myself because I didn’t mean those words, they were words directed to myself however my only way to let them escape was to direct them towards others. Everyday I would think I was closer to escaping this memory that I had now made my home, one step….two step. Wait we’re stopping! Back to square one. If you look at who I am now, most people would think I have completely recovered from that dark period of my life. When in fact I’m still struggling to catch my breath most days at the thought of everything being relived again. Im tired of loosing people around me, I’m tired of seeing my mood swings distant people from me and I’m tired of the effects that I now have to live with. But it’s my life now. I strive on making people realise their worth in this world, because I know what loosing that worth feels like. I strive on reminding the people who I love and care about that they aren’t worthless, ugly and unimportant. I know depression is going to be playing it’s tricks often, I know there will be times that my progress pauses for a while, and I know I will have to eventually try and change my habits of overthinking along with constantly apologising. But I’ve made it this far, and I don’t have any plans to give up when I’ve just got started. If you’re sat there reading this, yes you. And you’re wondering why on earth you got given the road that had depression blocking the next turn. You got given it because you’re strong. And no matter who tells you that it’s impossible to take that turning, no matter how much your mind pulls you down into the darkest of places and no matter how many times you take that blade and mark your arm for the tenth time that day. You’re capable of getting through this. Don’t ever let people tell you when you’re ready to get better, when the times right you will know and that leap you make will be the best jump you’ve ever taken in your life. But for now, hold your head as high as you can, grab your past and use those memories to push you into bigger and better situations.

I promise you you’re worth everything and more.

I love each and everyone of you, and I will see you in my next post!

Over and out lovelies.



20 thoughts on “Depression And Me “Living with it” ~ 26/10/17”

  1. Oh my you have gone through so much and how brave of you to share and allow your subscribers in to such a difficult part of your life. Thank you so much for sharing. You are beautiful and this post proves that is not only on the outside. I hope a little light creeps in more and more everyday till the darkness is no more. Xx

    1. Aww! Thankyou so much Keziah, that means more to me than you’ll ever know! It really was a hard hurdle to jump, however slowly I did and I will continue to use that event as a stepping stone when I get low. Thankyou for your kind words lovely! Have a great day xx

    1. Aw Rae! Thankyou so much for your kind words lovely! It was definitely difficult to write, but hopefully worth it!
      I do too, don’t they just get you into the whole autumn spirit, aye?! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this! You’ve been through a lot, and by sharing your struggles and feelings, you are helping others to realize that they aren’t alone and that means a lot to so many people, including myself. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for 21 years now, and while I’ll never be “cured”, I’m still learning to manage it better and take more control over my life. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, but our future relies on how we respond to those things and proceed with them.

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! Your comment means so much. That is my hope, for this post to reach people who need it the most. It may not be quite as in-depth as I’d hoped, but the few words that I did write, I hope they help as many people as possible. Twenty one years is definitely a long time, even suffering from those things for a few months seems like the hardest battle. So well done you for coping that long! Unfortunately it’s just a get up, go and conquer any hurdles that are given to us throughout the day ‘kinda thing! Thankyou for your kind words! Have a great day xx

  3. Great post Emily, it takes so much courage to write on this subject. I wish more people created awareness and spoke about how they coped. It only helps people like me who silently suffer cope with the situation. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Hello Shayne!
      Thank you so much. Exactly! the world of depression and anxiety is covered by a thick blanket in the blogging community. I’m just hoping, slowly we can unravel that cover and help people who need it most! I’ll be posting more posts like this in the future, if thats what you like to see? Thankyou for your comment lovely! xx

  4. This was an amazing post, you’ve been through so much and you’ve come out of it shining! You’re strong and brave never forget that! Well done for posting this as I know it must’ve been hard but thank you so much for sharing it! I feel honoured to of read it xxx

    1. Awh sweetheart! that means the world to me. Thankyou so much. You keep being strong as well my darling! routing for you

      🙂 xx

    1. Aren’t you a sweetheart! Thankyou so so much Hebah! Your words mean everything and more to me. You’re very welcome! xx

    1. Bless you! Sorry it made you cry, but I’m so glad it helped you to understand depression more! Thankyou so much hun xx

  5. You are so brave and strong for sharing this beautiful post with the world. It’s very eye opening and inspiring. I hope everyday gets brighter for you. 💜💜👏

  6. This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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