I can’t believe March has already come upon us, feels like just yesterday I was sat in my living-room with the party poppers in my hands and smiles on peoples faces counting down the seconds for 2017 to begin. I’ve noticed these past few months my posts have been mainly about reviews and although I love doing them because I get to work with some amazing brands, I know it can become a bit boring for you guys to read. With these cold gloomy months around me, the trees waving in the wind, mother nature working her magic and the bitterness of the cold hitting my body this means summer is taking it’s time. During this time my makeup looks change drastically. The main difference that changes throughout these months is the shade of my lipstick. For example, in the summer I stick towards the nudes and pinks whereas in the winter time I like to pull out the reds, purples and any other dark colours.

This month I’ve been loving two lipsticks in particular, one being Cougar’s very own Rioja which is a deep and daring red wine shade. When I first got my hands on this product (Kindly sent by Cougar themselves) I thought it was just going to be the usual red that is in most people’s lives. I was however greatly surprised to find that this is very different from others I have tried. I was firstly greeted with a childhood smell! The smell of strawberry ice-cream, this is strange yes! but it made me so happy because they took the time and effort to add this. It has the best matte-finish I’ve seen yet with no stickiness or fading involved. The price is £6.99 which I think is amazing for the amount of product you get! There are other shades as well. 

My next favourite lipstick this month is one from STUDIO London. It is definitely a cheaper alternative to the Cougars Rioja. Obviously it is a similar red but a bit more on the brighter side meaning that it’s not usually something I go towards on a daily basis. However I love the consistency and the fact that it applies without any fuss! This too has a strawberry scent.

If you would like to see next months favourite lipsticks just let me know and I will definitely do it for you! Thank you so much for the constant support it means so much to me.

2 thoughts on “Cougar VS StudioLONDON | March | 2017! ~ 06/03/17”

  1. Literally obsessed with the quality and layout of your photos!! So happy for you with the products you have been sent, I really need to look at this red shade more as I have a nude. Need a new darker lip in my life! Lovely post girl xxx

    1. Thanks so much Darling!
      Your blog is beyond incredible, so that really means a lot coming from you😘
      Have a great day! xoxo

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