Recently i’ve noticed the my skin has been battling through the side effects of harsh products being thrown on to it everyday. No matter how many foundations i’ve tried it always seems to end up with me saying hello to a new friend every morning. Not the best wake up call you’d expect. So when the amazing company Cougar wanted to work with me this came as a huge life saver. I was able to finally reward my skin with a perfect day cream. Added with snake venom this unique cream is made to productively smooth the harsh wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines by reducing the ability of muscle cells to contract. Sounds pretty extraordinary right? Being honest, when I first read about this I was definitely hesitant towards trying it, because when snake venom comes to mind my brain straight away goes on alert mode. However after reading reviews and reading the pros with this product I knew this had to be introduced to my morning routine. I wanted to like I do with all the other products test this in a fair way, so doing so every morning I applied this before any makeup. The results are incredible already! I can definitely see my skin being tightened and removing harsh lines underneath my eyes, and laughter lines. Without any pain or irritation.

This product is selling for £18.99, which I think is perfect for the quality and long lastingness.


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