Hello there! I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog, it’s a fun little world down here! Oh, crazy but most definitely fun. I’m Emily by the way, just an ordinary…. ok… maybe not so ordinary! Let’s change that to just a fascinating girl With a huge passion for anything makeup, beauty and inspirational talking I have big hopes to create a community that you’re urging at your seats to be apart of. Not so eager to join yet? Well, I have a three legged cat! C’mon thats sure to get everyone excited! 🙂

Wait, Don’t move! how could I forget to mention that I happily work along side a majority of companies who wish to work with me! If you’re a company who wants to test their magic and have me on board to review certain products, then just send me an email and I will most definitely look into it and get back to you! With a rule to only review honestly I will not accept any products that I feel my viewers or myself will not enjoy, agree with or want too see. I just want the best for my audience! Also, don’t forget if you’re a blogger no matter how small or big and you want to get yourself into a collaboration with me, either send me a message on any of my social medias or send me an email.. I love writing next to people in the community!

Instagram: emily_stylesx

Twitter: BeautyNbrushesX

Email: emstyles@hotmail.co.uk