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After asking some of my viewers on Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram (All links on my home-page!) what they would like to see next, I was faced with an overwhelming response of requests to feature more reviews on my channel. I can’t believe it’s been a little over two months since I’ve sat down and reviewed a product in detail! I know, I know… it’s completely unacceptable and I promise I will fill all of your lovely needs in any upcoming posts. But wait a minute… who said we can’t start that today? After all, I have purchased a new product that isn’t something I would usually gravitate towards. Living on the reckless side of life I know, it’s our secret.. shhh! Although being quiet isn’t something I’m quite capable of right now after purchasing this absolute beauty, because I need every human possible to hear about the potential that this palette has.    

So, who are Beauty Glazed you ask? Well, they are company who mainly produce eyeshadow palettes that are a lot cheaper than the usual high end brands. Main one being Huda Beauty, which a lot of people have argued they are dupes for. Being affordable, pigmented and versatile Beauty glazed have become a well known choice for beauty bloggers and You-tubers. They offer palettes ranging from mattes, shimmers and even glitters. Which is what I’m going to be talking about today!

Now, I’m not one for the whole world of glitter, I often find it becomes messy, irritating and just a annoyance to take off at the end of the day. But after experimenting with my makeup in the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that most makeup looks I want to achieve requires the help of some very pigmented glitters and so I knew It was time I had to find myself a palette that held a range of colours. This is when I came across Beauty Glazes’ Ultra Pigmented Mineral Pressed Glitter Make Up Eye Shadow Powder Flash Colors Long Lasting Waterproof Palette. Woah, that was a mouthful!

Let’s start this review by talking about the packaging of the product. First impressions were that the palette has a very simplistic and modern appearance which means the attention doesn’t get taken away from the glitters themselves. Black, gold and pink were the only colours used to customise the front and back cover, which I think is perfect if you’re trying to keep over doing it too a minimum. Yes, I did find the packaging to be slightly flimsy at times and very thin. However for the affordable price of £9.99 this is something which I’m not overly bothered about. It’s better than some expensive brands I’ve ordered from, so this won’t take any points away from the overall impression. Each glitter is compressed into a fairly good sized pan and gives you the opportunity to savour as much product as you can without getting less than you bargained for.

 Being ultra pigmented I was really hopeful that the glitters would live up to my expectations of lasting all day and showing nothing but the right amount of pigment, and so they did! Yes, some colours were less pigmented than others, for example the White and light pink was a bit harder to get much colour out of whereas the Red and gold picked up easily and appeared on the eyelid without any fuss. The two flaws of this palette was firstly the fact that I found when using this palette that most of the colours are quite tough to get onto a brush, and sometimes using your fingers isn’t the best application if you’re wanting to get in between difficult areas of the eye. I was forced to result in using some fix plus spray on my brushes and then soaking the brush onto the glitter for a few seconds before applying onto my lid. This, if you’re in a rush isn’t something that is very helpful however if you’re able to spare the few extra minutes of applying then I don’t find this too much of a problem.

Also, if you’re wanting to mix a few different glitters together then I suggest waiting roughly three minutes after the last coat of the first glitter before applying the next one. This is because if you’ve had to result in using fix plus spray then the glitters will be a lot more sticky and prone to moving about if not left too dry for the right amount of time. If you want the finished result of looking like a clown on a Saturday night after a few drinks then by all means do it! But from experience it doesn’t look too flattering if you’ve got every colour gleaming from each angle.

And finished! that is all I have to say about this palette, overall I can’t wait to create some unique looks with the help of some of these beautiful glitters, and I have no doubt that some of the colours will grow on me over time! If you’re wanting to buy this exact palette then head on over to Amazon where you can purchase it for £9.99 with free delivery!

Thank you so much for reading lovelies, and I shall see you tomorrow! Lots of love xx

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