Once again we’re all coming to the realisation that another year is nearly over, and before we know it the New Year will be upon us and so will another round of months. The month of April for me has been full of many crazy adventures, some of which have brought triumphs into my life and some which allowed me to share more incredible memories. All together it’s safe to say this month has taught me many new lessons in life, along with allowing me to come across some products that have now become part of my favourites! These products aren’t necessarily new to me, but they have been taken out of the shadows and given a whole new light in the world. To close the page on April, I decided what better time than now to do a monthly favourites. Where I share what I loved throughout the recent days, and why exactly I enjoyed using them so much! Before I start though, I want to thank you all for sticking by my side for another chapter, it’s been beyond inspiring and I hope to see you all in May! Here we go!

Ti Style 2In1 Facial Brush

It doesn’t goes without say that April was the month where I decided enough was enough, and my skin really needed some TLC. Living in a bubble of stress, comes with it’s disadvantages and for me that is usually waking up to millions of spots and looking like I’ve just been in a dot to dot fight, with myself. When I came across the Ti Style 2-In-1 Facial Brush back in January, I instantly fell in love with the improvements it made to my skins appearance. Still to this day I’ve not stopped using this tool in my everyday morning routine, mainly down to the fact it does nothing but works amazingly!

Neon Pink Eyelash Curlers By Claire

One Item that I have had since the beginning of time, are these Neon Pink Eyelash curlers by Claires. These were my first ever pair of curlers, and have been my favourite every day since I purchased them. Which is proved by the rust, and discolouration. Don’t worry, I wash them after every use, and soak them for a few hours weekly. This ensures there is less bacteria than wanted, which lets me rest easy at night. The reason why I love these in particular is down to how they grip onto my lashes without tugging and snapping the individual hairs, or the eye. Even the handles are super easy to work around, meaning I have a result that I love by the end of the look! I do think it is time for a new set though, leave suggestions down below and ill be sure to keep my ‘eye’ out for some!

Manuka Honey Eye Gel

Last Christmas I was lucky enough to venture into the local Christmas Market and check out the individual stalls, along with what they were selling. Whilst searching, I came across this Manuka Honey Eye Gel. This gentle yet effective eye gel is made from ethically sourced manuka honey, created to help you achieve brightness and tightness under and around the eye area! After recent loss of sleep I have noticed my eyes to look droopy, swollen and all together tired, which is when I found myself reaching for this product once again. Already, I have noticed a huge difference, and can’t wait to continue trying this for the next upcoming months! 

Metal Handle Wand Makeup Brushes Set

One of my ultimate favourites this month has to be my treasured Wizardry handled makeup brushes! If you know me, then you have probably realised I have a slight obsession with makeup brushes. These have been a huge life saviour after I found most of the brushes I own would no longer fit comfortably into my hands. With long, grippy handles, they are perfect for what I was struggling with before. Plus, who wouldn’t want to think they’re some sort of wizard, brewing up lots of mischievous spells for the day! 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Nude 45

If you have been on my blog recently, then you will recognise this beauty. After lots of hesitation, I finally gave it and brought another lipstick to add to my ever expanding collection. I have used this colour nearly every day, and have found it to be nothing less than flawless! The pigmentation and smoothness it offers is mind blowing, and I’m so happy I purchased it. The colour is just right for my skin tone, meaning I am not washed out in photos, nor am I looking overly coloured! Kate, you did a great job! (Yes, I know it isn’t cruelty free, but like I mentioned before my transition is slow and steady – but will definitely eventually happen… promise!)

TESCO cleansing face wash

As we reach the end of just some of my favourites this month, the last product I want to show you is the Tesco Cleansing Face wash for sensitive skin. For a cheap alternative compared to brands such as Garnier and Simple, this face wash is amazing! Due to having sensitive skin I always have to be super careful with what I apply to my skin, incase it causes me to become excessively dry. This is the product I apply onto my facial brush for everyday use, and have noticed huge improvements! I never would’ve thought something from Tesco would work just as good, if not even better than bigger brands. And at just a bargain price of £1.50, what’s not to love?!

And that’s it darlings! My April 2018 beauty favourites, phew that went quick. Let me know down below what your monthly favourites were, I’d love to know! Wonder what May is going to bring? we shall wait and see! Until next time lovelies, bye xo

7 thoughts on “April Beauty Favourites 2018! ~ 01/05/18”

  1. I think I need that facial brush! It looks so comfy and cute. Also, those harry potter brushes. My inner potterhead is squeeling loudly!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment as always Angel! The Harry Potter brushes are just incredible! Definitely really nice to hold.
      Have a great day!😘 xoxo

  2. Wow! You’re dedicated to keep up with washing your eyelash curlers…. I can’t actually remember the last time I cleaned mine! :O If you’re looking for a new set, I grabbed mine just in Primark! And they have the same handle grip as yours ….definitely prefer that type rather than the traditional full metal ones…
    Definitely checking out that honey eye gel as well, I’ve been struggling with my under I area recently and so definitely need to look after them more.
    Have a lovely day!

    Katie | http://www.katielclark.co.uk

  3. That Claire’s eyelash curler looks almost identical to mine and I’m in love with it! Actually, need to buy this facial brush and OMG that wand brushes are bomb! Loved your post~

    1. Thanks Darling! The facial brush is incredible, definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already!☺️
      Have a great day.. 😘xoxo

    1. Hey Jessica! Thankyou darling! Oh, don’t get me started, it took me years to figure out how to apply them onto the lashes without ripping half my eye out. It just takes time and patience! Which, I don’t usually have haha. Goodluck if you do every try them😘 xoxo

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