After my recent post showcasing some of my latest stationery purchases, it wasn’t long until I was back on the web searching for my next lot of favourites. Theres nothing like ripping open that delivery box, to find brand new notebooks, sparkling pens and unnecessary stickers that I will probably never use. But, the sight of them standing beside everything else, just fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy. Recently, I came across an online sale in The Works which had me tugging at my purse in anticipation, eagerly waiting to get some of the beautiful items to me. 

If some of you follow me on twitter you may know by now the fact that I am a little bit obsessed with greeting cards. Whether they’re big, small, crazy or just plain simple, they make me do nothing but smile getting to send them off to anyone who needs a little smile that day! Although having ready made cards makes everything so much easier when you’re running on little to no time. I have always wanted to begin creating my own ones, so when I came across this beautiful pack of fourteen scalloped edged greeting cards with envelopes, I knew they were going to be perfect and I can’t wait to start creating a beautiful mess (I say mess, because I am the least artistic person alive) on these cards, and seeing them scattered around peoples houses!

Being non artistic leads me onto these little beauties. As we all know glitter is messy and daring, yet can make anything thats dull and boring nothing but fabulous! Who wouldn’t want a load of gold, silver, red, blue, pink and purple pots of glitter lying around? Sorry mum and dad! I cannot wait to use these on anything and everything, and i’m sure the people who receive my masterpieces will love the little specs of glitter that they’re still washing off of their body ten weeks later. Yay for glitter!

Now, lets talk about stickers. Whether you’re young, old, a teacher or just an ordinary person who sleeps all day (totally not me!) stickers are life. And they are getting more creative as the years go on. I remember when stickers were just plain coloured dots and stars, now i’m looking at animals covered in tinsel, emoji faces and those ones that are just strange and questionable, just like these outline stickers. “What is this crazy invention?” I hear you ask. Well, I don’t know either! But what I do know is they’re beautiful and I cannot wait to stick them everywhere and anywhere! Along with these lace butterfly stickers, which i’m going to have an amazing time trying to figure out how on earth these work (Insert sarcasm here).

My last lot of purchases leads me onto these Washi tape dupes. If you’re a stationary fanatic then you’ve more than likely heard of this brand. Along with the fact that they’re sometimes not the easiest to get your hands on, so when I came across some packs of glitter tape I didn’t take any chances and ordered two lots of them straight away. My favourite colours has to be the gold glitter, dark blue swirls and the light gold glitter. But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m in love with each and everyone and cannot wait to use them. 

And that’s it! I really hope you guys enjoyed me showing you everything I have brought recently, and i’m sure when I go on another stationery splurge I will give you guys the first look at what I purchased. Have an amazing day or night lovelies, and I will see you all in my next post! xo


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