Let’s start off this post by me apologising for my absence this week, I had to take a break in order to control my mental health state. Right now, I’m unable to do so many posts every week as it was just draining me and making me stressed, because all I ever want to do is produce my best content so you guys have something interesting to read. I’d rather take my time on something and make people smile than rush it and cause myself a headache and have you guys not enjoy it. For the time being I will only be posting three days a week, including my ‘What Went Wrong Wednesday’ series. This will not be forever, and over time I will have my usual schedule back just right now I need to concentrate on myself. I Hope you guys understand. Anyways With that cleared up let’s jump into todays post!

With the festive season fast approaching, leaves falling effortlessly from the autumnal shaded trees, Christmas songs now acceptable to burst from your speakers and with the smells of winter being burnt from candles it’s finally the time when people rush to the shops in order to get the best deals for family and friends. The thought of everyone barging amongst each other and the chaotic atmosphere just stresses me out completely. I prefer to grab my cup of tea, cuddle up in bed and browse the depths of Amazon. Although I must admit that site can become very addicting, one minute I’m happily searching for someones presents only to find five minutes later I have a basket full of un-necessary items all for myself and none for the person In question. Whilst on these adventures I came across a number of makeup items that were selling at a relatively affordable price. Some of these were dupes for high end brands for example, Morphe, Mac, Huda Beauty etc.. and then some of them were unheard of to me, probably due to having an Indian name. Being cruelty free I’ve had to become really cautious when purchasing from these kinds of companies, because you can’t be 100% sure with to what kinds of ingredients they are using. However, I was instantly pulled into trying one brand in particular which was called ‘PopFeel’. From what I was able to pull out from the internet and my own knowledge, Pop feel does not test on animals. But do base their producing in China which makes believing that statement very difficult for me. This didn’t stop me from being the dare devil I am, because two minutes later I added this palette to my basket, typed in my debit card details and clicked purchase. Being only £3.39 my expectations for a pigmented and versatile palette were low. You’d only except those things from a high end or well known drugstore brand, not from one that is hardly ever spoken about in the makeup industry. However I Pushed those fears aside plucked up the courage and gave the shadows a go. The first flaw that I noticed when receiving the palette was that the packaging felt flimsy and like it was made from a very cheap (cheaper than £3.39) plastic. I could literally hit it with the back of my hand and it would more than likely crack and fall apart. This made me fear for the sanitation of my shadows, and made the thought of having no lid for protection so vivid in my mind which gave me a overwhelming sense of the heebie-jeebies!Once I got over the dramatic annoyance with the packaging I hesitantly opened up the palette to find the most beautiful shades inside. Which instantly threw any hatred and apprehension towards the brand out the window. Yes, some were not as pigmented as others for example the white was very hard to pick up any colour and I had to be forceful when applying onto my brush. But colours like the rose gold and dark oranges showed up on my eyes without any trouble. And I had lots of fun trying out colours I wouldn’t usually use. Why did I pick these shades in particular you ask? I wanted to pick this palette in particular because being travel sized the colours are perfect for on the go. I have a dark shadow if I want to create some sort of smokey eye and I also have a light cream shade if I’m just wanting to look nothing but natural for the day.  If you know me you know I’m very simplistic with the colours I chose to wear. Its very rare that I will have any kind of bright colours thrown into the mix, although that is something I’m wanting to venture into trying in the future. So, this means Pop Feel have won me over on that subject. Overall do I think I will purchase from this brand again? The answer is probably not. I would rather purchase from a brand like MUA which sales their palettes for a similar price. This is because they’re more prone to having plenty of reviews and I would have a better understanding with what I was getting myself into.

Until next time lovelies! xox


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