I have always had an uneasy feeling when it comes to wearing colourful eyeshadows. That feeling which sticks to the bottom of your stomach and has no plan to depart. In a world where people like to judge others on the way they dress, speak and just the way they are in general; I’ve always felt the need to step away from expressing the more daring side of me. When I say daring I don’t mean climbing Mount Everest with a husky or entering the X-factor hoping I’ll win. (Can you just imagine that… actually no on second thoughts don’t imagine that!) Instead I mean having the ability to be more adventurous with the makeup I wear. Deciding to wear a hint of green on my lids, or throwing on the darkest purple lipstick I have shouldn’t feel like a nerve racking situation. Instead it should be exciting and intriguing! So what if someone want’s to wear every single makeup item they have, or nothing at all? If they feel comfortable, then it should be their opinions of themselves that matters, not everyone else’s around them.

For today’s post I decided to reach into the depths of my makeup collection once again, quite far back this time and get out all of my colourful palettes! In hopes I can help anyone who may be struggling to get ahold of that confidence to express their true colours. (That was fitting.)

Urban Decay (Dupe) – Chocolate Colour Naked 6 Palette When it comes to dupes, I’ve always been hesitant to try them out. I mean, you don’t expect a cheaper alternative with slight different packaging to overrule the legitimate brand, it would just be pointless for those like Benefit or Mac to even be in business if people could get very similar formulas for a better deal. However, that kind of mindset was changed once upon a time for me when I found myself holding the Chocolate Colour Naked 6 Palette by Urban Decay. I just want to mention before we continue.. this is not actually from Urban Decay, I know very confusing! It is in fact a very spot on replica of the chocolate bar palette from Too Faced. Inside contains a selection of fourteen shimmer shades, along with two pink toned blushes. All of which are pressed into a good size pan, meaning you can get a lot for your money’s worth! My favourite shades are – Orange, Golden Violet and Green! 

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Of course we all know buying makeup can be costly, especially if you’re not one who likes to purchase dupes or cheaper alternatives. In my case I like to give Drugstore and Indi brands a chance before I spend the big bucks. One of the splurges I have made in recent months though has to be the Urban Decay Electric Palette (Yes, it is actually from them!) For £40 I definitely expected some fireworks, party poppers and maybe a glass of champagne… In other words, lots of pigment! I have to say, it is not amazing but it is filled with creamy formulas which go onto the eyes without any trouble. The only
thing that I would critique is the way in which blending can be a bit troublesome at times, more so if you’re not confident with moving a brush around for a while or suffer from achy hand.  

PS – Smoky Palette
Obviously, that kind of price isn’t affordable for everyone, and you shouldn’t feel as though you need to sale everything you own, including the cat and dog to purchase it. Instead, a Primark down the road could be selling one containing very similar colours but for half the scary price. Just like this Smoky PS eyeshadow palette where there is a range of shadows, starting from mattes all the way to shimmering glitters. These are rich with pigment but do come off a little bit dusty! Nothing a makeup wipe can’t sort out though. “A colourful body with fabrics, tattoos and jewellery is attractive, but a colourful heart with love, truth and faith is beautiful”

Let me know your favourite colourful palettes, and why are they so appealing to you? Thankyou so much for reading, and I will see you all in my next post!

One thought on “A Pop Of Colour! All Of My Colourful Eyeshadow Palettes 2018! ~ 19/08/18”

  1. Wow! This post is bursting with colour! I absolutely love your photography Emily, it’s so sparkly and vibrant. The Urban Decay Electric palette looks super cool, it’s a shame it isn’t amazing and quite expensive too but it does look gorgeous all the same. I definitely need to check out Primark makeup, I always here such good things! Thank you for sharing your pretty palettes <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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