Most people’s Saturday nights involve grabbing the last bit of wine from the cupboard before getting so drunk that pronouncing their own name is far from a possible task. Then realising you’ve gone way past your bedtime when you find yourself up at 6am listening to family feuds and disapproving parents on Jeremy Kyle. And then theres me, who prefers the less ‘shame faced’ approach to a Saturday night. This involves getting into my most comfy pyjamas, applying a face mask and snuggling down into the depths of my covers. In preparation for the night ahead, I like to firstly run myself a relaxing bath. Now, I must admit I am one of those people who take my bathtimes to the next level. Meaning lots of bubbles, calming music and nothing but the flames of my favourite candles lighting up the room.

Firstly my bath has to be filled with bubbles, and lots of them! Yes, sometimes I get carried away. But us girls can never have enough bubbles, right? My favourite bubble bath at the moment is the Radox Herbal Bath Sleep Easy. This is incredible if you’re someone like me who finds it hard to relax before bed. Containing Herbal it instantly transports you into a world of tranquility and serenity leaving you feeling nothing but calm and eased. You can even purchase different scents if you don’t fancy this kind! Choices are endless, such as calendula and rose, chamomile and jasmine, black pepper and many more..

Moving on, Let’s talk about shampoo’s and conditioners. My favourite part of the whole bath time process! So, I’m one of those people who wash their hair almost every single day. This is something that a lot of people disagree on, because they believe that the ingredients in the formulas strip out the nutrients in your hair. However this is not strictly true based on recent research. Every single day your hair is losing nutrients by the minute, shampooing your hair does not increase this rate at all. However they do advise that you use a formula with no added heaviness to it. For example Herbal Essences is perfect and so is my recent favourite, Simple’s kind to hair gentle care shampoo and conditioner. It is enriched with pro vitamin B5 which means my hair always feels soft and delicate when I come out of the bath.  

While my conditioner soaks into my hair for roughly two minutes I like to start on my skin care, beginning with my face. Taking the Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash I like to apply this onto my T-zone area, my cheeks and any other places where I might have a few blemishes appearing. For about thirty seconds I let it soak into my skin to do a deep cleanse then making sure I wash of the residue afterwards. Next with my dove soap I apply a bit to my hands to scrub away any dirt and to help prevent dry skin.

Last but not least I like to finish off by applying shower gel. I like to do this at the end so my body feels fresh and the scent has a longer lasting effect. The brand which I’ve been leaning towards recently is Imperial Leather. If you know me you know I strongly dislike marshmallows, however I have fallen in love with their shower gel containing them, this is how much of an amazing brand they are because they can make the worst scents into something enticing and amazing. My favourite at the moment is the mouth watering fruit salad!

Let me know down below what you have to have as your bath time or shower essentials, I would love to know! But for now thankyou so much for reading and I’ll see you all in tomorrow’s post! Bye lovelies x


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