Hello lovelies! It’s Wednesday and we all know what that means. Its time too sit down, wrap up in the cosiest blankets, pour yourself a hot drink and get ready for ‘What Went Wrong Wednesdays!’ Where I talk about the ins and outs of a product that unfortunately did not live up to my expectations. Today’s failure of a product is not going to be makeup related as such, instead I want too talk about something belonging to the skin care genre.

We all have our preferred routine when taking off our makeup, some take the simple makeup wipe remover approach and some go the extra mile and purchase some very expensive formulas to ensure every piece of evidence is removed from their face. And then theres me, who uses just makeup remover. I’ve found this is the best for my skin without irritating it too much and leaving me with red patches everywhere. Not attractive to say the least! But sometimes not every makeup remover leaves me feeling refreshed and comforted, instead I’m left feeling like a grease ball, which is also not attractive!

A few weeks ago I’d been needing a new makeup remover and so I set out on my usual adventures around any drugstores insight. On my travels, I came across Garnier’s Micellar cleansing water. After reading the countless reviews and hearing how good people found the results to be I instantly grabbed the bottle and without hesitation I purchased it. Founded in France in 1904 Garnier as a company is renowned for harnessing the bounty of nature―fruits, seeds, buds and flowers. Ingredients are extracted using the brand’s cutting-edge expertise and techniques. As they were creating this formula their intentions were to represent a magnet like approach along with involving every piece of importance for our environment. Capturing and lifting away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving the skin perfectly clean, and refreshed without over-drying. However, for some unknown reason this cleansing water did not wow me like the rest of their products I have tried. First off I want to talk about how I found the liquid itself to be on my skin. Most cleansing waters require little help when going on the face. However with this one I found it very difficult to remove any makeup without it clinging to my hands instead. It was like the magnet approach was reversed and decided to stay anywhere apart from the wanted area, which was the face. Yes, I don’t except every formula to be perfectly suitable to my tastes however I do except it to do what it says on the packaging. If not what is the point of writing all of that stuff if it’s going to do the complete opposite?  Another flaw that I instantly recognised was the fact that the overall result was what I didn’t want, yep you guessed it! greasy and messy. After approximately 2 minutes using this product, my skin gained a greasy barrier which made my pores increase hugely in size. Having dry and sensitive skin whilst dealing with pores showing is my worst enemy, because the skin doesn’t have a clue how to defend against them, its already trying to get rid of dry and sensitive areas without having to deal with the added bonus of noticeable pores. Last but not least, the most annoying downside that I found with this water was how irritating it was. As stated before, Garnier’s wish is to help the environment any way they can. So surely having a product that isn’t going to irritate peoples faces, especially when they’ve gone out of their way to ensure it’s ‘safe’ for sensitive skin is on the top of their priorities. I guess not! Around the nose, under eye area and cheeks all started stinging roughly 30 seconds after applying. Which I don’t usually have problems with. What do you think of this product? have you tried it, if so let me know what you thought! Maybe it was just my experience! And let me know what your favourite way to remove makeup is, and why?

Thank you so much for reading lovelies. I’ll see you all tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “☞☹What Went Wrong Wednesdays!?☹☜ ~ 25/10/17”

  1. I’ve used that one before and it was fine to apply and use but sometimes did leave my skin greasy, I use simples micellar water now and I think it’s much better! Doesn’t leave me skin greasy or oily at all!

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