You guys know that I’m a big sucker for trying out the most raved about products on today’s market and expressing my dying love for them with each and everyone of you. However, sometimes that isn’t always the case and I’m left with owning something that I strongly dislike. To celebrate my arrival back blogging with a big bang I have put together a whole new series called ‘What Went Wrong Wednesdays!?’ Pretty cool title, right? In this series I am going to be sharing with you products that have not worked well for me. This isn’t me hating on the brands themselves, just simply sharing with you my thoughts and feelings on those particular products that didn’t go well for me.

I would love to know down below if you enjoy this series, and what you would like me to talk about in future posts. Feel free to also let me know if you’re not enjoying it and I will take in every single comment. Your feedback matters!
Kicking off the series, I want to begin by talking about these two palettes from the brand Flutter. Flutter was introduced by Superdrug early on in the year offering affordable and good quality products for any typical makeup lover. The detail that catches most peoples attention straight away is the packaging. Packaged in animal related prints is something that will always gravitate the younger audience to buy their items, and so I definitely think thats one thing they did succeed at. It worked for me and I ended up falling in love with them straight away when I received the two on Christmas morning. Now, before I carry on explaining why this is featured into today’s What Went Wrong I want to reassure you that I am always grateful for everything I am brought and given, however sometimes due to how sensitive and confused my skin is some products just don’t work well, and although I’ve tried my hardest to love them they just unfortunately didn’t work. I will be sanitising them and donating the pair to a woman charity so they will get plenty of use by someone who will be suited better for the formulas.

let’s talk about the first palette, the lip kit. I must admit I don’t usually use these kinds of lip kits only because of the fact that I am more of a single lipstick wearer, and tend to have all of the shades I wear on a daily basis at a arms reach. But like with every other makeup item I receive I like to give them a try despite it not always being something I would usually purchase. For the first ever application with this palette I decided to use the brush included with the set to test the quality. Straight away I was met with tough, inflexible and hard bristles which ruined some of the colours due to being very rough and hard to use. For the feel of any lip product I am someone who isn’t keen on a glossy and shiny formula and unfortunately this was exactly the feel that these gave off. On the lips they were constantly moving and gliding to places that I didn’t particularly want them and the overall coverage was near impossible to see. Even the red colour had little to no pigmentation and acted almost like a plain lip balm with one and one purpose only, which was too simply moisturise. I was really looking forward to owning such a beautiful, fun and versatile product for a inspiring brand however I was left not knowing what to think, because I had high hopes which were instantly brought down to a harsh reality. 

Secondly, I was also given the shadow palette containing two high pearl and two matte eyeshadows. Although this wasn’t as much of a let down as the lip kit was, there were still some disadvantages with the shadows. First one being the fall out, this was something that I found too be very frustrating when in the process of creating a makeup look. Yes, I am aware most highly pigmented shadows cause fall out to occur but with this circumstance it was so much that it became almost impossible to remove without causing a big mess. The shadows were however very pigmented and I was pleasantly surprised with the texture and formula of each individual colour, despite this I think that is where the disadvantage of having so much fallout came into place because they were a little bit too harsh with colour. For £3 I wasn’t looking for any extreme advantages but I was looking for a product that was easy, manageable and a great go to must have. This wasn’t fully met as I saw that throughout the day the colours faded very quickly and made my eyes look droopy and messy because of how much the shadows mixed together in the span of a few hours. All together I would recommend this to someone of a young age and who isn’t too worried about having a pigmented and catchy look, but if you’re someone like me who looks for a number of musts then this isn’t something I would suggest spending your money on, unless you want to deal with the amount of disadvantages that come along with the price.  Is this something you would spend £3 on? Let me know down below! Palettes are always a hit or miss and you never know how much you’ll fall in love with one until you try every single possibility of applying. I really hope you enjoyed today’s post, and be sure to check back in next Wednesday for my latest product that I thought didn’t live up to their expectations. Until next time lovelies! Bye bye for now.

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